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Jeff the roommate

December 14 2005

This is Jeff (my roommate)


Everyone say hi to Jeff!


Jeff likes to be on my computer late into the night. He also likes to put random pictures of me up on facebook and phusebox.

So I took some pictures of him last night has he was on my computer at around 1 or 2 and I decided to make a post about him. So to finish this off this is Jeff upside down haha!!!!

but dont take this wrong i love my roommate.


December 14 2005
That's what roommates are for. To act on your behalf when you know better due to injury or embarrassing circumstances. Its the way of the modern man.


December 14 2005
Ha ha... so speaking of random pictures of you, I saw one in your room during the party that I thought was quite funny... Winnie the Pooh... Winnie the Pooh...


December 14 2005
Yeah, i agree with that guy!


December 14 2005
you made this post at 3:43 AM... while i was trying to sleep... that's ridicilous!


December 14 2005
hi jeff!!

Garrett Haynes

December 14 2005
well say hello to jeff for me


December 15 2005
is his realy name jeffrey lol sry i'm weird. Hey how many pics it that huh?!?!? lol j/k well we'll all miss you and i'll see ya on phusebox bye Abi


December 16 2005
this is jeff. see jeff run. run, run,run! wow - i think i just went back a few years.

kelsey shearron

January 07 2006
haa.. i hope passion was awesome for you.. -kels


February 15 2006
dude, this is possibly the funniest thing i've ever seen! i love it!