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Tonight at Bonhoeffer's...Dang!!!

November 10 2005

WOW!!!! Dang what a great night at Bonhoeffer's....Sean McConnell, Ryan Horne, and Leslie Dudney!!!! This show rokced my face off. If you didn't come you really missed out. I haven't ever seen bonhoeffers so packed out. All of the performers were great no really i mean great but i have to say my favorite was Ms. Dudney (but thats just me). I would love to say all kinds of cool things about how great the show was but im just not that great with words so.....Dang good show you be good.


November 11 2005
hey, it was good to see you last night. and yes, the show was AMAZING.

jeff martin

November 11 2005
to my stair standing buddy.... i wish i could be that microphone. -Jeff