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January 07 2006


Jeff the roommate

December 14 2005

This is Jeff (my roommate)


Everyone say hi to Jeff!


Jeff likes to be on my computer late into the night. He also likes to put random pictures of me up on facebook and phusebox.

So I took some pictures of him last night has he was on my computer at around 1 or 2 and I decided to make a post about him. So to finish this off this is Jeff upside down haha!!!!

but dont take this wrong i love my roommate.


December 03 2005

IM DONE….just to give some insight to what my life has been like in that past week or two…..thus I had a 20 page paper and a 20 to 30 min presentation in argumentation. On the 5th I have a 10 page paper in America religion comm., and a 10 page in Research methods, and then on the 6th I have a 10 page in gender comm. So I know no one really cares b/c ya’ll pretty much have the same things going on but WOW!!!! It just feels so great J

Going away/Christmas/Luau/Party

November 29 2005

I’m just waiting on my next class to start so I thought I would go ahead and give ya’ll a heads up. M’boro friends, be on the look out for another big together, either the 9th or 10th …. It’s going to be a "going away /Christmas/Luau /party"….last time we had over 100 people and cops come so you know its going to be great. And since im leaven for HAWAII!!!!next semester this will be the last big get together I have for some time. So just a heads up and now im off to Geo…..what fun

Maria's back

November 27 2005

Well I don’t know how many of ya’ll know her but Maria Haun is back in town and since she’s pretty much the coolest girl ever we have throwing her a get together tonight at my house at 7.... so if you want to come…..come on!!

To much time!!!!

November 26 2005

wow....to much time on a saturday night!!!! yeah we're cool!!!


November 23 2005

Back in dickson...and its so good to see the mom and dad...but after they go to sleep....wow dickson is such a fun town, just minus the fun town part. town pretty much closes at 6...... so is anyone else not doing the whole thanksgiving dinner thing? i think we're doing the sea food dinner, but im not sure.

Oh To The Older Sibling

November 13 2005

            God brings people in and out of our lives all the time. Some we hate some we love, some we will remember forever and other we can't even remember there names. So I'm talking about a group of people that some of us love with all of our heart and yet we take for granted too often. I'm talking about the bossy know it all older siblings. Who would pick on us time and time again. The brothers and sisters we couldn't even stand being seen with, and yet, the ones we love.

             The impact an older sibling has on the younger is truly indescribable. They understand they're supposed to take care of the younger and watch after them, but there is so much more then that to being a older brother or sister. They show us things in life we'll have to go through before we get there. Even if you're nothing like your older brother or sister, you're still going to go through some of the same things they went through. We get to see them succeed and fall. Go through good times and bad, love and heart break. Weather its learning how to get around your parents or life lessons of what to and not to do, they show us more then they know.  They never asked for this challenge, it was just given to them. You see God knew that we, as the younger siblings, couldn't have made it with out someone to look up to and guide us. God knew they could help us in ways that no one else ever could.

So I just felt like taking a minute and thanking the older sibling of the world for leading. The help that ya'll give to us is more than ya'll could ever understand.  But even more than that, I want to thank God for giving me an older brother. A brother to love and to hate, to laugh and cry with, to fight and make up with, to play with and to run from, to grow up with and to leave.

Tonight at Bonhoeffer's...Dang!!!

November 10 2005

WOW!!!! Dang what a great night at Bonhoeffer's....Sean McConnell, Ryan Horne, and Leslie Dudney!!!! This show rokced my face off. If you didn't come you really missed out. I haven't ever seen bonhoeffers so packed out. All of the performers were great no really i mean great but i have to say my favorite was Ms. Dudney (but thats just me). I would love to say all kinds of cool things about how great the show was but im just not that great with words so.....Dang good show you be good.

What Should i Do?

November 08 2005

First before I blog, I would like to say that this will be my first Blog ever!!!

So I was just sitting here at my computer thinking "wow", I could use something to drink.....so I looked down to find some Orange Juice sitting beside my bed. Only to remember that I had left it out over night and all day. You now see my problem.....To drink or not to drink....what should I do?