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November 01, 2006

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Going away/Christmas/Luau/Party

I’m just waiting on my next class to start so I thought I would go ahead and give ya’ll a heads up. M’boro friends, be on the look out for another big together, either the 9th or 10th …. It’s going to be a \"going away /Christmas/Luau /party\"….last time we had over 100 people and cops come so you know its going to be great. And since im leaven for HAWAII!!!!next semester this will be the last big get together I have for some time. So just a heads up and now im off to Geo…..what fun

November 29, 2005
jeff martin said

love how its only u goin to hawaii
December 03, 2005
Asia Keovorabouth said

i was looking at those pictures of that thing thing sword type things. and i laughed.
December 03, 2005
Hodg-E said

lol it took me a min to think of what you were talking about but yeah im not sure what its called its my roommates, and he wasnt here so dang

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