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May 08 2007
well the concert tonight went ok i guess. lets see tomorrow i have to work and on friday i have to work and so that means the rest of the week is mine to spend it with the person of my choice ( i guess everyone knows who that is ^_^) well yesterday at school this kid in my 5th period class got tea poured on his pants and so today i was joking about it at him and he trys and hits me in the leg with this thing he has on his key chain. well he misses my leg then he goes and hits my knuckle with it. so i stood up got in his face grabbed the keys and hit his arm with the thing and then threw the keys on the other side of the room. well later on in that period i looked over and there was a huge red welt on his arm while there is only red around my knuckle. it kind of serves him right i guess since he has been hitting other people too with what ever it is called now he knows how it feels. oh well idc. well sunday i was susposed to work from 12-8:30. yea instead i worked 12-9:30. that day was so stressful. lol well i g2g L8R