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April 17 2007
Normaly i call home and let someone know i am getting off of work and on my way home and usually my mom answers the phone and tonight my dad answered it. and i told him that i was clocking out and then he said, " well we have fish here at home. do you eat fish?" then i said yea. then he was like " well it's from captin d's. so i dont think they club them."  and i just sat there on the phone wondering why in the h3ll my parents are giving me such a hard time about this. it is really retarted. then when i got home and came inside he was acting like he said nothing. wtf?! i dont  understand. i wish i knew why they were giving me such a hard time over this. i mean its nothing different than someone saying that they dont like oranges. i dont know what  to do about this to get them off of my back. my mom isnt that bad about it, just my dad. idk. well i g2g type my english paper for tomorrow.

Pricilla Bostwick

April 18 2007
That sucks .. I am sorry your parents dont understand you... mabye they just havent come to an "ok" with theirselves yet. So they let it out on you ... YOu should write a letter to them both put it in a place where they can both read it and discuss it at the same time... explaining why you made that decision and why they should support you... Hey it may work and if not youll just have to vent I guess...


April 25 2007
andrew you are an amazing person and you're parents cant ever tell you ANY different!!!! one day they will see through their ignorances and accept this. one day you WONT have to put up with this!!!!! =]