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April 15 2007
Well nothing much has been going on. i took the ACT yesterday and i dont really think i did too hot on the math and science part. i didnt get finished with any of the tests. i andsered all of them because the guy said 5 minutes left then i worked for 4 and then filled in answers. then Holly and I went to go see a movie and everyone in there was talking and it was really annoying. The movie was pretty good though. after that we went out to eat then went home. Today i found out that i am going to memphis this weekend. i kind of dont want to go. no i really dont want to go. i want to spend some more time with Holly but i guess i cant back out of going. i probably work sunday so i doubt i can do anything then. tonight my dad said that my grandma sent home a pork chop and that it was for me. All i can think of is I AM A VEGETARIAN! dang what does it take to tell them NO MEAT?!  lol idk well thats pretty much all that is going on.


April 16 2007
"I AM A VEGETARIAN!".........ily. ^_^