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April 07 2007
so right now my parents are somewhere and its just me and my sister here at the house un til late sat. so i think i am about to go out for a little 3 in the morning drive. idk lately my life hasnt been going too good. my parents found out im a vegetarian and my dad was being a prick about it. and i swear my mom is stupid. do you want a chicken sandwich? ah lets see no. omg what do you think vegetarian means. lol oh well. then the next day didnt go too good either dont want to get into that but it doesnt matter now i'm over it. ok on to positive stuff. tomorrow i am picking Holly up and going out for the day. dont really know what we are going to do but yea we'll find something. work has been going pretty good. im back in grocery and it is really fun. time flies when your back there. lol 2 weeks ago i was working up front and there was a lady standing there crying. so when i walked by she was like can you help me? "with what?" can you get some body to clean *looks down and see that she is crapping herself* this up? omg that was so nasty. it was all runny. ergh.  i didnt have to clean it but that grossed me out for a couple of days. there was a trail going all the way back to the bathroom. simply nasty. >_<   what are you all doing for easter? i am going to my grandparents where we are haveing a cook out and idk what i am going to do. no one in my family knows except my brother, sister, and parents so i am really not looking forward to then. well im going to get off b4 i write a book lol.


April 11 2007
ugh, andrew i hope things get better for you, i really do. haha! i love it how your tags say "life, poop, work, vegetarian." lol!