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March 15 2007

well its about 450 am right now and we leave for chicago in around an hour and 10 min. i think this trip would probably go better if my mom had decided to come at the last min. lol last night my dad said to me right before i went to sleep was " try to have fun on your trip even that your mom is going." FINALLY someone who knows a) your parents going on a trip = not fun at all ( like when we went to NY). and b) if your in your parents group you are going to really regret it. ( we couldnt hardly do anything in NY because everyone was so scared of the posibillity of someone getting kidnapped. well i guess i am going to start to get ready to go.


Nathan Moore

March 18 2007
I have never been to Chicago... I have always wanted to though.


March 20 2007
aw, but it wasnt that bad was it? well i hope not. i had fun. ^_^ lol see ya later.

Nathan Moore

March 21 2007
Yeah, I actually lived in NYC for about a year. I loved it... I have never made it out to Chicago though...