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February 11 2007

well nothing much has been going on right now. Holly is trying to teach me the babaloon. and all i can say is dang. lol it is hard. other than that i have been going to school and to work. man this week is going to be hard. i am having a hard time finding Holly something for valentines day with out it being typical valentines day stuff. military ball is this week end. woot woot! and i cant wait for that. well i g2g finish my math quiz along with my science project which is due pretty much tomorrow. arg this  week is going to be hard. oh well.


February 12 2007
aw yay! andrew is learning babaloon!! [[yes that pic was at coc. lol, you dont want to know! im sry, i would have taken you to cbgbs if i could have. =[ wouldnt you like to know? ; ) i dont wear dresses because they suck and i'm fugly. yes, i can fly =] and that last pic was taken last year when we had snow. i had my hair in a ponytail and tried to flip it up inside the hat....but its too long!]] don't get me anything!! seriously! we're hanging out tomorrow and thats cool. plus military ball on satuday. =] lol. see ya later. -holly