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November 03 2006

well marching band is over for this year and all i can say is wow it went fast. normally it feels as if marching band is never going to end but it didnt this year. since marching band is over that means more time for fencing, my job, and my friends. the second six weeks of school is over and man it went by fast. normally i goof off the first half of it and then bring my grades up the second half if i didnt do good the first half. how was your halloween? mine was fun. today we didnt have school and tonight i am going to a bon fire at my friends house. tomorrow i think i work till 12 at night again. lets see wendsday i ordered my class ring and it costed way too much. i got fencing put on one side and band put on the other. well i g2g pick my schedule up for next week. ill try to get on here more often. L8R