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July 19 2006

well lets see we had band yesterday and what can i say about it ....ummm lets see ...... nothing. i mean seeing everyone was cool but i wish band started later in the year. you band people might get mad at me for saying that but i have just got the job a few weeks ago and i would like to be able to keep it and keep getting 37 hours a week in and with band i seriously think that is going to be nearly impossible. i guess i will have to live with it though. idk maybe i can work late. oh well, lol. The music for this year sounds really cool and i think that everyone will practice it a little more than usual because it sounds cool. well lets see what did i do today. i went to work. i went skateboarding on my breaks and on lunch and then i came home and played bass. so i guess today was cool. well i got to go. i have to go to work at 8 tomorrow


Michael Thoe

July 20 2006
Ya nut ball! Hope you summer is going good. where do you work? Maybe I'll stop in when I am not working which is never. Good luck next year with being Fencing Captain. Truly there is nothing special but just remeber you have to be tough and know when to get your hands dirty, plus if you need an enforcer, I am always around somewhere... LoL See you later.

Michael Thoe

July 26 2006
My dad took the photos with his PDA. It had me in it but I wanted a picture of you two so I could show everyone the other good fencers! LoL


July 26 2006
so.... u like corey's hair.... i did it arent i talented.... oh and the dress only took like an hour.... im pretty sure im gunna wear it to prom this year... but im gunna make it look better.... its totaly kool though!!!

Michael Thoe

July 27 2006
My dad is a ninja, but I am a Samurai!! Sworn enemy to the Ninja! LoL


August 05 2006
you're damn right our music is cool this year. this season will be awesome.


August 11 2006


September 14 2006
hey kid you need to update this thing!