Hello World

August 07 2005
So i'm aware that i haven't written anything on this..thing.... lol so here is my first entry! YAY! Well this is weird for me because i'm a Xanga fan.. and i've been true to that for a little under a year.. so switching to a different journal is kinda.. i don't know... it's one of those things i have to take kinda slowly. lol. Don't want to send myself into shock... Not that it's that serious anyways... Well i'm not going to write too much right now... (i'm taking this slow...remember?) But i just wanted to write and say hey... and let you guys know that i'm alive and well... and LIVING! Theres a difference between being alive and LIVING... *sigh* Living in the spirit my friends... That's the ONLY way to LIVE =) Well that's it for now my dears.. God Bless!
Soli Deo Gloria