ohhh my.

August 05 2005
i really should put pictures up in hurr.
but i am wayy to friggin lazy. oh well. later.

the jack johnson cd is..
go buy it.

fortune cookies..are neat.

August 03 2005

i am so incredibly bored. i've been answering phones at my dads office all day...it is quite the interesting job. you should try it sometime ; ) . hah ok anyways.. so i went out to lunch at a chinese restaurant and i got a fortune cookie that had some neat words of wisdom...

"the eyes believe themselves; the ears believe other people."

snap son. thats how we do.

i like this thing.

August 02 2005
hello to anyone that reads this.
i like this phusebox thing...mainly because pictures make me happy. hah and because i like to copy amanda.lol.

Enrollment for school = GAY. and thats all i have to say..

that rhymed.