June 02 2006

For the last week or maby two I have been doing a lot of this

and after that some of this

and after that some of this


May 22 2006
Hell yes Last Freaking Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet!!!!!!!!! I am going to dive into summer like a pool full of icy cold jello and swim through it the salty Ocean water that I am going to dive into in less than 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!


May 15 2006

My day so far has been good and bad at the same time. The good thing is that I got my hackysack back from Mrs. Krocker. The bad thing is that I need to do some stuff before I play. I still havent gotten my number puncher thigmo from Erica. I keep forgeting to meet her! She should be nice and pissed off now that she had to wait by her ride 10 min. for me, and me not showing up.

                                            Phil Over and Out


May 14 2006

photo from Future_Auther
This is yet another of my favorite pictures.This weekend is good so far except my hackysack was taken up by Mrs. Krocker, so that sucks. But other than that it has been the rest I have needed to recoop for the last full week of school. I AM SO READY FOR IT TO BE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You guys have no idea how ready I am for the summer to get started. I need it So Bad.

Sample Stuff, Please Read

May 11 2006

Ya so I am really board so I am going to type something out of my book, and maybe one of my poems, but not my best poem just in case it really is good and someone decides to steal it.

           Okay this is one of my new poems it is called

                    The Blood of my Eyes

Everything is silent and dead                                                            

All around the scent of decay seems to linger     

It crawls through my nose then into my head

Suddenly I collaps with agonizing pain                                                  

I fall to my knees with a cry                                                     

Clawing at my eyes to get to my brain

Something had invaded my mind                                                       

To plunder my thoughts                                                                      

I let out a horrid screem because now I am blind

             Like I said, that is one that I do not consider my best poem, as a matter of fact, I am not very good at wrighting poems at all. I fell I am much better at wrighting stories and books. So here is a sample of one of my stories...actually it is all I have so far of it. But by the time I am finnished it will only be a sample. So if anyone at all ever reads any of this please leave me a comment about it, I dont care if you think it will hurt my feelings or whatever just tell me if you like it or not and why.

                A Knock on my Window

     Why I was board was just as much  mystery as how to cure my boardom. It seemed fate had dashed all of my hopes of reaching a=someone on hte phone, and past report card grades had ruled out watching T.V., or playing computer. So that left me with absolutly nothing to do except write.

     I picked up my pen and began to not only write my thoughts but feel them leave and mark on every line of the page. The world around me seemed to fade away and all that existed was myself and the pages of my journal that were beginning to fill and overflow with ink from my pen.

     Then with no warning at all I heard a searies of loud rapid pangs on the window across my writeing desk, pangs  that shatterd my consintration and brought me tumbeling back to the present. Just my imagination I told myself, and continued working. But the noise came again, more urgent this time, "I couldn't have imagiand that." I mumbled to myself as I stood.

     I made the short journy over to the lacked windo with quiet caution, stepping over and around te objects that litterd the floor of my room. Who gose around knocking on windows at 11:00 o'clock p.m.?

     The floor vient numbed my feet with cold air as I stood infrount of the darkend glass, giveing it my best effort to look through the glareing reflection cast by the desk light. All I could see was part of the street outside that was lit by te orange glow of the street light. But nothing that could have been around my window, much less been knocking on it.

     I turnd around thinking that I mingt be going crazy, untill another set of rapid knocks sounded from behind me, causeing my heart to jump into my throte and skip a beat.

    I turnd to see who it was that had scared me so cleverly, but was stopped in mid-turn by a painfull contact between my little tow and the bet post. I stiffled a cry, and knelt to grip my foot in agonie, listening to what sounded like muffeld laughter from outside the window.

               That is just a sample of it, I thought about typeing all of what I have written so far but that would take to long, and if I make this entrie to long no one is going to want to read it, and I would really like for someone to read it and tell me how boaring it is.

What has been going on

May 11 2006

I love this pic, I found it on the net somewhere. Any way, I have got people at school that everytime they see me they ask, "Have you finished your book yet" or "Have you finished that one story yet." and my universal answer is "No" But no matter how annoying these people get, someone asking me about my writeing makes me feel very good about myself. I am trying to find a recent pic of myself for my profile pic, but I can't seem to find one that I like, or that is within the last year or so. I just don't have one anywhere.

      In other news, I haven't played hackysack in 3 days, and it is absolutley killing me. The only reason for this is that Kat took it from me, and I let her have it untill she forgave me. She told me that she forgave me but keeps forgeting to bring it to give it back, I think I had better just buy another befor I explode.

Thank God For Friends

May 07 2006

Its been a wee bit since i have done anything on my box so i decided to type a little bit, not that anyone reads it but it dosent matter anyway. Hopefully, soon people will pay a small amount of mony to read what I have written, or at least that is the plan.

  As a matter of fact i will tell everyone about my plan.

                    Not to long ago I told my parents that I wanted to be in the advertiseing field of work. But that is not what I really wanted to do with my life, it was what I thought was a practical goal. I really wanted to be an author, but that was a dream I thought had way to small a chance of comeing true to even hope, I kept it in mind the whole time although it seemed so wrong to put myself down like that. So I told myself that I would keep writeing as I worked twords advertiseing. Lately I have been convinced though by my friends and some of my family that it is totally possible and that I should go for it. So I ditched the thought of doing any advertiseing and I am going to spend all of my energy in my book and my stories.

            So thanks to all of my friends that pushed me over the cliff of reason and into the canyon of hope.

hey its been a wile

April 30 2006


            we looooove to run very fast and do flips and fight on my new trampoline. YES that is right I got a trampoline with all the great fun it comes with. And a word of advise, if you are going to do half of something then dont do half of a backflip.

                                                  Phil Over And Out


April 17 2006

Hello everyone I am in Computer Apps now and just trying to get this in before the teach gets back in here. This weekend was cool, although I only wrote about a page I was so close to beating my hackyrecord i about died when i didnt get it. G2G he is back

                                                      Phil Over And Out

Hacky Rules!!!!!

April 13 2006

I came home after school and the first thing I did was change into something more...streachy, that was followed shortly by 4 hour hacky mainia. I have masterd the California Callie, the Callie Stall Left, and the Callie Stall Right.

         And now I cannot walk

                                           Phil Over and Out


April 12 2006

Hello, my friends, I have decided to make a phuse box for no big reason except that i get board in computer apps. So here we go.