November 23 2005
Ok,  so I now have a phusebox... pretty much the only thing i accomplished today, elaine and i slept all day.. :)

Elaine Stephens

November 23 2005
hey, you made pumpkin pie, too! lol. and we beat the rug...and we ate--a lot! hehe, yep, i think we accomplished stuff... and now i'm doing my laundry. :) love ya, caliente!


November 24 2005
hm.... so yeah.... i'm full from my thzgiving lunch and... yeah any member on food make me sick:)) HAPPY THAgiving:)

Sarah Vermillion

November 24 2005
Sleep is gooooood.

Nathan Moore

November 25 2005
Callie, welcome to PhuseBox! Let me know if you run into any problems on the site or if you have any ideas that would make the site better. Enjoy!

Anthony Myers

November 30 2005
Hah my lazy ladies.