Destroyer of Worlds

May 17 2006
My name is Daniel Benjamin Morgan, Destroyer of Worlds.  I am Eater of the Carpet Fuzz, Clearer of the Coffee Table, Puller of the Grass, Chomper of the Cell Phone, Stalker of the Kitty, Tipper of the Stroller.  Tremble before me, mere mortals.  Though darkness rises, I have my night light.  Though Mommy steals my carpet fuzz, I have my secret stash.  Though teeth tear gums, I have my biscuits.  Though all my weapons are stripped away, I still cuteness.  I am faster than a speeding kitty, more wily than a coyote, taller than a beanstalk.  Hear me and obey.  From each of you, I demand a proclamation of your love.

PS  I love you, Mommy and Daddy!

Bill Morgan

May 18 2006
Oh great one ... I humbly bow before you. Behold, when I lay eyes on you in yet a few days I will pay homage and bestow gifts of love and adoration .... Oh yeah, and here is my proclamation ... I LOVE YOU !!!

Josh Morgan

May 18 2006
I change your diapers. You can not question I love you.


May 18 2006
You sneezed sweet potatoes on me, and I wasn't upset. Obviously, I love you too.

nell nestor

May 18 2006
Silly grandson! We love you bunches! Love to the cutest baby on the planet, Grandmama


May 19 2006
I surrender!

Suzanne Morgan

May 19 2006
Hey, little bud, when you get to walking think about visiting FL again. It might get a bit windy here but we have TWO kitties for you to try to outwit. One is a siamese and she will be very good at playing hide and seek with you! And Auntie Norma has a pony (alias BIG) dog that you might have fun riding.BTW, am enjoying your pics and sound bites. Love G-GM