If only I were taller

May 06 2006
If I were taller, I wouldn't need mommy and daddy to help.  You see, I can't quite reach the keyboard, so I need mommy or daddy to hold me so I can post.  As I've already spit on the keyboard once, they seem unwilling to just put it on the floor for me.  So... I haven't been on for a while, because mommy and daddy have been too busy with that ridiculous college thing they do to hold me while I post.  I think we need to have a talk about priorities.  Sheesh... some people's kids.

I have been working on crawling.  As I reported, I discovered that moving hands and knees together is more efficient and less painful.  Well, the next level of training is all about speed.  I've started doing laps, and have gotten pretty good.  Unfortunately, my knees are a little faster than my hands.  My nose hurts.  Who's Rudolph?

Mommy and Daddy got me an awesome swimming pool.  I wish it were a little deeper, but it's still fun.  Daddy posted some pictures.  They also got me a cool spiderman swimsuit.  It's a little big, but I'll grow into it.  We took it to Nana's house, but their cat, Jack, peed in it.  Now it smells funny, but I'm promised it will be cleaned before I use it again.  The only pee I want in there is... wait, no... I don't want pee in there.

I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for a living.  Nana got me some camo shorts.  They were a bit too big, and I was kinda sagging in them.  And I wasn't wearing a shirt.  Mommy didn't think sagging camo and shirtless was a good look for me.  I guess I won't be growing up to be an east Tennessee plumber.

More to come!  And by the way.... I'm still cute.

Bill Morgan

May 07 2006
Keep practicing those laps. Soon you will be able to catch kitty !!


May 11 2006
You are one of the cutest babies I have seen in a long time. I hope my baby is that cute.