the wedding was awesome!

June 12 2005
hey you kno i went to my cousins wedding. it was so B*E*Autiful! Sarah looked so pretty in her wedding dress and my cousing Jason looked very handsom! and the reception was so much fun they had a chocolate fountian that was huge! with it cam smores banananas(sp) strawberries pretzels nutter butters rice cripes yum lets jus say i was there yeah there was a lot of dancing and it was fun seeing old people break it down! and overall the wedding was fun and i cant wait til my other cousin gets married! it was a blast! well g2g thanks for everyone whp prayed for my dad he is back to normal!

Much love

~* Big O *~

ps this is prolly my last entry since im leaving for FL tommorrow so when i get abck i want lots of remarks and remarks on my pics!


June 12 2005
Hey girl look so pretty I miss dance I can't wait until july.OMG I so want some of those pictures have fun in FL and call me love ya girl Abi

Carla Simpson

June 13 2005
girl you should be able to spell bananas! just think gwen stefani! ;)

Stephanie Levine

June 13 2005
that's a cute picture. have fun in florida.


June 15 2005
hey! its lauren well hope u have fun in FL. im goin in July *lauren*

Garrett Haynes

June 18 2005
cool! My cousin's wedding experience was a bit different then that...can u picture drunk cousins writing perverted things on the wedding car? lol u get the picture. WE MISS YALL!

cole brown

June 18 2005
hey glad that wedding went well..have fun in fl

Rachael Robertson

July 01 2005
your pic is really unnecessary


July 01 2005
hey I got one to and you need to get on instant messenger..... remember

cole brown

July 03 2005
heeeeeeeeeey =D

Brett Tenpenny

July 14 2005
Hi! I dont know you, but my ex hates you, so, I thought I'd leave you a comment saying hi!

kaitlin gay

July 15 2005
hey!!!!!! ahh--i had so much fun the other night at rest. raid!! love you--kaitlin:://*