my daddy is sick and theres a wedding

June 10 2005
hey yall well my dad got sick with that stomach crap,,,,we were suppose to leave for KY today but looks like we will have to leave tommrrow. the wedding is tommorrow but oh well! and i got the cutest dress for it too! its green and blue strapless and it flows! well please pray that we make it to the wedding on time and that my daddy gets well and fast!
much love
~* Big O *~

Stephanie Levine

June 10 2005
I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

cole brown

June 10 2005
aw ill be praying for your dad and hope he gets better =/ have fun in KY. dress sounds adorible!! i love u livi. talk to you later

Carla Simpson

June 11 2005
hey girl - i don't see any pictures of me up there?! i'm hurt....:(

Stacy Freeman

June 11 2005
what do you mean you will be that next year to??im confused.. Stacy