im updating YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 28 2006

hey yall wel im finally updating! well im at abis grad party! im on her new laptop wow its nice. well this past weekend was my dance rectail! so sad it over but it went to so well! SCHOOLS OUT ITS SUMMER 06!!!!!!!!!!! and that means im pretty much a SENIOR 07!!!!!!!!!!! yeah baby well ami leaves for hawaii lucky her and then im leaving for st augustine on like june 12 or something like that. i cant wait! well im gonna go and enjoy yhe party! much love


kristen teeters

May 28 2006
oh my goodness... guess where i am at right now.. HOME!! yeah evidentally no more camping for the Teeters family, lol my parents just lost interest i guess?! but anyway thanks so much for inviting me to go! and it stinks that i couldnt go but i promise i will try my best to come next year!! well looks like we are going to be in Florida at the same time! im pretty sure i will be leaving on like June 9-20 something i dont really know but we will be in Orlando! YAY for FLORIDA! well have a awesome day!