January 14 2006

hey yall well im finally updating since i havent since thanksgiving like 3 months ago! well ill start with christmas! chirstmas was wonderful i got loaded with alot of good things likean ipod cds dvds jewlerly shoes and clothes! then school came back :( and life went from great to ummm. Well im having certain problems with a certain someone and idk wut to do bc as much i try to right it seems to be wrong idk it pisses me off big time and iv prayed and prayed and i still dont kno wut to do but i guess im gonna have to get ova the fact iv lost a freind and it makes me cry to write that but i have im still gonna pray and pray until it works out for God...then today i went to abis house and played w/ dogs and playstaion games and just a lilttle poker! but now im off to bed bc im tried and sad! hope yall have a great day tommrrow and a wonderful day off on MOnday

In Chirst

Much lOve

~* Olivia*~

ami driver

January 14 2006
hey girl.. its ok. its hard to really think that youve lost someone who was once so dear to you but just keep in mind that some people are seasons in your life. and as much as you want to hold on to them, maybe what will bring them back is just to let go. theyll come to you when theyre emotionally ready.. promise. but in the meantime just hang out with those you enjoy and maybe even make new friends so your heart can move on. gah-- i sound really smart at night! =) love you girll.. stay strong! oh by the way.. poop =)

Garrett Haynes

January 14 2006
Hey, you know i'm here for u if u ever need to talk. I'm praying for you. I really do hope it gets better. In Christ, Garrett

Susan Steen

January 17 2006
I love you, Olivia! Friends come and go--it will always make you sad to look back and wonder why they had to go, but know that God has better things in store, and you or they served a purpose in your life for a time. Now, it's time to see what God has's gonna be great--just like you!!! You are amazing, and don't you forget it!!!

kaitlin gay

January 29 2006
well <b>IM</b> praying for you.. and i love you! stay strong, loosing friends is the worst-BUT you always get better ones! i got yall didnt i?!