October 20 2005

I suppose I should update this thing....

I went and got an X-ray today because of chest pains... I also didn't go to school today, which was nice..... this week has not been nice to me.

tommorow is Warrior Walk.

and it seems that life is falling apart at the seems.

Kylie Boy

October 21 2005
chest pains are never good.


October 24 2005
hey it's lizz....i didn't know you had one of these

Rachel Chase

October 26 2005
we miss ya, cool kid king cole!


November 20 2005
noticed u go to riverdale... just thought id say hey

Rachael Robertson

November 22 2005
well things aren't so great for me either at the moment... i think we should get together so we can talk... we haven't hung out in a while... we need to... give me a call and if you don't than i will give you... if i get impatient... love rae rae

Teresa Smith

December 10 2005
Hey! I"m browsing through people's MySpace and I thought I'd leave ya a comment.

Rachael Robertson

January 04 2006

Rachael Robertson

February 14 2006
please update this thing cuz this is one of the few i ways i get to talk to you.