goodbye first semester.

December 15 2006
So, I think I should reflect on this past semester.

So, I came
here in August worried about fitting in, if I would make lots of new
friends, if I would make it in my classes, you know, the general
freshman worries. I'm glad to say that I've done fine. I feel like this
place was made for me, I feel so at home in Memphis, even though I
don't know my way around yet. I have a 3.4 GPA as of today, with three
more classes to post grades, that makes me amazingly happy. I've made many friends...and by friends I mean people who call me after school and on weekends to go out to eat and stuff, yay.

friends that I've made are amazing. I feel like I have people that can
help me with everything. Like yeah, everyone is great. I have an
amazing roommate, it's so fun to have someone to watch my cartoons with
and laugh. The teachers that I had were fabulous. Like, yeah...Dan and
Dr. V are the shiz. in Memphis, I think I should
talk about that because I get asked often. So after Tyler I went on
dates with a few people, they were all fun, but yeah...didn't last
long. I'm currently seeing a guy named Steven, he's a sophomore at
Baptist College of Health Sciences, and he's one of the sweetest people
ever. Yeah, I'm so glad that I get to see him everyday and spend time
with him. He works at starbucks (woot!) and is a dj at various clubs,
so he teaches me about all the music that he does, it's fun. I'm going
to experience him work on Wednesday, I'm excited. His mom and step-dad
dude are the coolest also. And yeah, his dogs, 5 HUGE dog,
haha...they're fun. The interesting thing is, he smokes...and for
people who knew me in high school, I wasn't really attracted to
smokers, but I guess I got used to it. Kissing isn't that big deal
either, like, I can't really tell and I've kissed him in the middle of
his smoke break, so I'm enjoying it. God only knows how wonderful I
feel when I'm around him and after all the mess earlier in the
semester. He's a keeper...and he likes onions and mayonaise, yay.

think my horn playing has improved a lot. There are still aspects that
hold me back, but that's normal. I'm proud of how I'm playing and I'm
looking forward to my improvement next semester. This time next year
I'll hopefully be getting gigs playing more often, which excites me. My
favorite ensemble this year would be, hands down, my wind quintet.
Yeah...if you only knew how much fun I've had with the four of them,
they're great.

Living on campus has been wonderful, but I
wouldn't mind getting an apartment close enough where I could ride my
bike. One of my favorite new people, Chris, and I have talked about
getting one over the summer. [He's the theatre guy I go to Perkins with
late at night, if I've talked about that before.]

But yeah, that's about all...I'm loving college so far, and next semester should be even better.