I'm up late.

November 12 2006
Yeah, I'm not sure why I'm up this late, but I am. I was in a cleaning
mood, so I guess that might be it. I did laundry and cleaned my room,
so I am being productive at 4 am.

Let's see, I got a new
goldfish the other day to be friends with the other one (Ludwig Van
Goldfish). I named the new one D'mitri Shastakofish. How fun! I have a
snail too, but I just call it Ma.

I got a tamagotchi last night
and it's so much fun! Everyone should get one. I can't wait to have
money to get new clothes, my closet is full old out of style
stuff...and tshirts. I don't have many casual stuff, which I'll be
wearing when I start teaching at the Collierville Music Academy.

so excited about teaching, there is nothing that brings me greater joy
than teaching the horn, something I love, to other people, so that they
may love it as well. I'm probably going to have around 5 or 6 kids to
start off. I'm hoping that at the end of the semester I can do a little
CMA horn studio recital and be all like "Hi parents, this is what I've
done to your children" and have something quite nice for them.

thanks to Sr. Dan, I have lots of stuff to practice this week, which
makes me happy because it will encourage me to go in my practice room.
Sometimes I feel like I don't cut it as a performance major, and then
other times I do. I know when I work on this stuff, and work on it
everyday like I negect doing, I will become much better at my
instrument, meaning I'll become a better performer. Yay!

I'm so excited about the new music theory books, I can't tell everyone that enough. I love them.

Nathan Moore

November 12 2006
That name for your goldfish seriously rocks.