I'm back?

October 28 2006

Yeah, I got bored so I thought I'd get on phusebox.

So Tyler and I are broken up for good, he's a complete jerk. For more, see my blog on myspace. (my page is myspace.com/krhayes667)

I'm totally loving Memphis. School is great! My ensembles are pretty fun as well. I'm principal horn in the symphonic band, and I'll be in wind ensemble next year they tell me. I'm also playing in the ONLY undergraduate woodwind quintet which I absolutly love, it's my favorite ensemble by far. We have so much fun, and the faculty have said we're the best undergrad woodwind quintet so far, which makes me proud. We're going to have a recital coming up soon and we've also been asked to perform in the school of music workshop coming up in a few weeks. I'm playing in the symphony orchestra next semester, I can't wait for that!!!

The Memphis Horn Society finally kicked off, woot woot. We're supposed to have our next meeting in two weeks, that will be fun. I'm the librarian...but we haven't done anything yet so oh well.

Music theory is much more difficult in college than it was in high school. I should study more for that class. Aural theory (aka ear training) is okay, but it sucks sometimes, only really when you have to write out chords telling if they're major/minor/augmented/diminished and what inverstion it's in. That's some messed up stuff.

Marching band isn't as fun as it was in highschool. We're hosting bandmasters tomorrow (and I'm utterly upset that Siegel isn't coming!!!) which should be a fun easy day for me. I'm only running one band, so I don't have to be there till 3, and then I'm off at 5 till 9 when we have to get ready for exhibition.

Let's see...I have a job, that's pretty fun. I'm the horn instructor for the community music school that UofM has. I might be teaching at a music academy in Collierville soon as well. Can't pass up anything that pays $25 an hour!

Pretty sure that I have an amazingly un-jerkish boyfriend now, Clay. :-)

Yeah, that's all. Please befriend me on myspace (link above) and subcribe to my blog so I can avoid double posting...unless I get lots of remarks saying "double post!"



October 29 2006
Double post! I don't have a Myspace.