few more days...

August 13 2006

Just a few more days till I leave for Memphis. Tyler and I spent all of Saturday together, it was fun. We went to the Science Adventure Center and played around there, then to one of Nashville's malls for lunch/walking around. We went back to his house to watch a movie and then make this cute little memory book (we made one for each other) to look at when we're lonely and stuff. I shall miss him greatly. We checked both of our calendars for when we'll get to see each other next, and it looks like we won't get to see each other till my fall break. In September. The end of September. He gave me his grandma's ring. Yay. :-)

I miss him already.


August 13 2006
end of september???!? i dont think so honey....i may be seeing you the 26th-27th remember?? AND your fall break is in the MIDDLE of september.... you are making it sound worse than it is...