Band Rants

January 03 2006

Yay! Went and hung out with AJ and some oh his friends after school today. We ate at Camino Real and it was yummy. It was so amazing how much chemistry the group had, I felt like I fit right in. They all thought I was this other Kyle that they know, and were amazed at how short I was, lol. But yeah, I like his friends. I think like 2 of them are going to Memphis for college, so I now know more people! Yay. That would be amazing if AJ went, lol. He wants to go to film school in California, but it's not looking very likely.

Omg, I sounded so bad today in band. :Blah!: I wasn't happy. I'm doing a better warm-up tomorrow, and it would help if we didn't sit around and listen to recordings that we've heard like 10 times already, I want to play the freaking music!

Anywho, I'm supposedly going to see this movie Hostel? about some kids who go to Europe and get tortured. Haha, I'm scared....

blah blah

January 02 2006

So yeah, Beth (and her friend), Angela, and myself are going to the movies later to see Fun with Dick and Jane. I'm excited because that movie looks fun. I was hoping we were going to go see King Kong but they don't really want to, so I'll have to find someone else to go see that one with. Oh well.

Thought of the day: It's no fun to be led on only to have what you thought would be there actually not.


January 01 2006

Well I'm glad to say that I acutally got out of the house and did something today. Tomorrow I'm going to go around and do some more job applications. I need money...

I found a camp in Washington that Dale Clevenger teaches at...and he's like my horn idol so I'm definatly applying..and hopefully get accepted. It's only like two weeks long, but it will be worth it.

I'm currently watching the Vienna Philharmonic do their New Year concert that they do every year. I think it's funny that they are the only orchestra to play different style horns and oboes than everywhere else in the world. I don' know about the oboes, but the horns are single horns..with crooks to change the key, so transposing wouldn't be difficult...and they are piston valve while everyother horns are double F/Bb horns (meaning they play in the key of F and Bb simultainiously), with rotor valves (for you non horn-folk). Oh well, they still rock my socks off.

Well I hope everyone had a good New Years! School starts on Tuesday, hope you're all ready!!!


December 30 2005
Wow, we're back.


December 16 2005

I went and ate at AyaSushi and it was AMAZING! If anyone ever wants to experience Japanese food go there!

The end.

No more Economics!

December 16 2005

So yeah, just got done with me 136 question economics exam...I think I did well, I don't really know. But yeah, no more exams for me!

I think that the bell needs to ring so that I can leave. I hope my dad's not him, I might practice and he will pro'lly be sleeping. My grandma is comming to get me around 12 and we're going to go eat Japanese food. I'm so excited!

But yeah...

¡9 mas dias para Navidad!

English Exam is done!

December 15 2005

Yeah, I got done with it in like 30 minutes. Right now I'm just sitting here looking at nothing on the computer because I have nothing to do. I'm going to try and go to the Narnia movie after we get out today, that'd be really cool.

I have MYO rehearsal tonight, I'm excited. We're having sections so it'd be fun. Micheal (Ping) is going to try out my horn around 5:30 because he wants to try it. Him and Sean are going to the WWBW store in Indiana in January. I was going to go w/ them but there is that whole thing about me going to school. Oh well.

Chair Tryouts...

December 14 2005

So we had chair tryouts today. I ended up getting 3rd, but by very little. Ruth seemed really suprised that Jordan beat me. I'm kinda glad I got 3rd though, I get to play all the high-notes that I love, but Mr. Medford said I need to challege because I'd pro'lly win. I don't know if I want to or not...I kinda want play 3rd...

Jazz Band

December 13 2005

We had a jazz band meeting after school...and it looks like I'm going to be the only horn player. I kinda like that though, he said if I didn't want to be the only one I could draft someone, but I pro'lly won't. I'm excited about his plans for this year. He said we were going to learn a bunch of tunes and go to a recording studio and learn how being a studio musician works.

Nothing much else to talk about right now...

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blah blah blah

December 12 2005

Yahoo isn't working, so I have to check my mail later. The University of Memphis randomly called me during 6th(?) period today...they left a voicemail but I think they said something about my e-mail, ha, which is why I need to check it...

3 more days of classes then we do midterms(!) then we get out early! My grandma said she's going to take me to eat Japanese food w/ her because I'm the only outgoing person that she knows, lol. I believe it. My family is way to conservitive and reserved...that might be why I don't like spending much time with them. Except my grandma, we got eat weird food and watch the symphony. Yay for her!

I'm excited, Amy said we could have the French horn Christmas party at her house. Now we just need to find a date...preferably before Christmas ;-)

I'm finally getting the hang of the 3rd movement in my horn concerto. It was written for natural (valve-less) horn and has all these crazy interval skips, but it's good now. I'm using my Bb side of the horn on most of it so my lips won't like freak out when I play it. I told Mr. Jolley that the TVW should play the band arrangement of the orchestra part and let me solo and he said that'd be fun, haha.

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December 10 2005

Congrats to all my horn babes on making Jr. High Mid-state! I think that Siegel's horn section represented very well this year. Let's see, Erin got 1st band, Virginia got 2nd, and Lauren got alternate (which is really good, because she played trumpet last year).

Speaking of horns, do y'all want to have a horn section Christmas party? I think Amy said if we did one we could have it at her house. And, unlike the "horn breakfast" will be horns ONLY!

My friend Angela is moving to Canada (British Columbia) in 3 days, I'm going to miss her. I went to saw her at Starbucks today for a little while, I hope to see her again tomorrow, but we have the Christmas parade so I don't know if I will. I told her she should come to my show (A Northside Chirstmas @ Northside Baptist Church ) tomorrow at 6, so I hope I'll see her then.

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So much playing today!

December 09 2005

Haha, Momma W. thinks I'm cool  ^_^

So we (myo) had our run-out today and it was fun! I <3 little kids at these schools we go play at, they are too cute. We had a good lunch too, was AMAZING! I had, veal(?), rice, a calzone, some other random stuff that people just gave me, and CHEESECAKE! I took a picture, it was that good. I hate for like, an hour. I'm such a glutt'n.

We had our marching band practice after school today, it went well. I'm marching on the end :the hard spot: but it's all good.

My church's Christmas thing was tonight, it went really well. I'm playing w/ Mr. Jolly and he's so cool. We talked about horns before we started and going to horn workshops, ect. His horn is one of the old Farkas models (like y'all know what that is) and it's mucho better than the ones the school has. But yeah, the performance was really good, for sightreading most of it. I had him take top on this one part because it's like...up in the heavens of horn world and I'm pretty sure I would have killed it from all the playing I've done today...but he did an amazing job.

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horn quartet

December 07 2005
I am simi-upset with the horn babies at my school. The people who
usually show up to the horn choir didn't, only leaving four of us. But
I'm glad it was the four of us, we got more done, and played some
really pretty music. It was like a piece for quartet in two movements,
a chorale and then the "hornpipe-rondo"...but we didn't quite finish
the rondo. But the chorale part was amazing!

Anywho, I had a
really good lunch, it was really good. It was for the MYO chamber
orchestra, we played for Youth Leadership Rutherford and it was ok.
Mrs. Mullen said I need to give her my biographical sketch to go in the
program for the concert when I play my concerto.

Haha, I'm talking to Abby on the phone and then Abby's madre on AIM, strange...

Paid Gig!

December 07 2005
So yeah, the chamber orchestra (from MYO) is playing for the Youth Leadership Rutherford ppl today. This means I get out of school @ 10, get a free lunch :the good kind: and $$. It's good getting paid everyonce and a, the letter the director gave me doesn't say what time I have to be back :-)


December 05 2005

Yay! No rehearsals tonight!

I have a lesson tonight, which is good. I haven't had one in like...2 weeks, but I guess that is what you get when your teacher is a working professional.

I love eating lunch with Chad, Lindsey, Sam, and all those other people. We have fun.

Yeah, I'm being random...I really don't have anything to talk about.


December 03 2005
Oh yeah, all three sight-readings! I got number two, so I got to leave really really early. Anywho, results come later!


December 02 2005

I hate days when I don't do anything in my classes. We had a test in music theory today over chords and scale degree names. It wasn't anything too exciting. Next week is music history week :yay!: and then we review for mid-terms.

Mr. Meford went around the room today during band and had people play their midstate music. Omg...our concert season is going to suck if everyone goes about the music we play for contests the way they did their audition excerpts. That really bothers me, oh well, my section will be fine atleast. :-) I took Amy's lesson with Mike today (I love when I take lessons that other people pay for) and we did some sightreading. He said I'll do just fine tomorrow, yay.

That would be so cool if Ruth and I got to sit next to each other, or atleast make the same band. Man, that'd be so much fun. Lol. It'd be extra cool if the order was Sara Todd, Ruth, and then me. That'd be a kick-butt first horn part. But yeah...

I'm going to go meditate get raise my "french horn chi"



December 02 2005

Merh for midstate!

December 01 2005

Hehe, my background music makes me smile.

So during 5th period Mr. Medford gave me a "mock auditon" with the real judges sheets, scales, sight-reading and everything. It was good. He asked me my Eb and E scales and my choromatic. Then we did sightreading. He told me when I get to the one in triple-meter to count it slow, so I feel good about that. We did my prepared pieces...and it was kinda funny. He is such a genius.

My duck foot came in yesturday! It's at the shop getting installed right now, so I have to go back and get it before rehearsal later tonight.

Anywho, I'm off!


November 29 2005

Erin, Mr. Horne is going to give you detention!

Horn choir tomorrow, yay. We're going to have mock auditions to get everyone ready for mid-state auditions. I'm so excited! I feel really confident that I'll make all-state. I've gotten lots better from last year, more so on sight-reading. But yeah, I need to burn the audition recordings on a CD to take to the master class tomorrow.

I'm upset at Devri. She's going to be doing a study abroad thing. Where? In Vienna. That is not cool. She is going to study the horn in Austria with the guys from the Vienna Philharmonic. I'm VERY VERY jealous. Oh well, the school of music at Memphis does one in Germany, which is cool. I hope I'll get to do that.

My dad is so annoying to talk to on the phone.

my life is a living rehearsal!

November 28 2005
So, I found out today that I have a rehearsal for something tonight, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. I can't go to the thursday one because it overlaps a different one, and I can't go to the saturday because of midstate/allstate auditions/recital. Man, I need to take a break....eventually. I can't wait till I start getting paid...

Thanksgiving, 2005

November 27 2005

Thursday: wake up and eat...alot. Playing with the puppy. Eat some more.

Friday: went shopping (duh). I bought something for Mrs. Polk (the pianist I used for the concerto contest) and Ruth...because she had that operation thing on her foot) and just kinda walked around. Found Starbucks :)

Saturday: Went to the aquarium and walking around the strip for a few hours with Brittney. Went back to the cabin and...ate. Played checkers with a 4-y/o genius. He beat me like...twice. But I beat him the 3rd time. Man, he's the smartest thing ever!

Today: Drove home, took a nap.

The End.


November 23 2005

Yay! I just got my acceptance letter to UofM! I'm excited, now all I have to do is get my scholorship audition taken care of.

Here are some pix from my visit over fall break...

This is Matt, Abby, Jessica, and me eating before a concert or something.

This me eating outside the music building. Man, I eat a lot.

This is a picture of the campus my mom took while we were on the tour.



November 23 2005

So Brittney and I made cookies last night and they were really good. I feel asleep before they got done cooling so there arn't that many left. I had one, and it was really good. :)

I'm so BORED. Noone is on AIM right now, so yeah...Brittney is starting to sing "Like a Virgin" to talk about her personal life. Why do we act crazy? I was playing a toy natural-horn horn in my room last night (it sounded really really funny) and I was sitting on my bed funny (?) and she walked in and like...pee'd on herself she was laughing so hard. It was quite funny. I can't wait till our movie day in G-berg...haha. Last year Cirque De Sole was on and we decided to "act it out" and we were hanging from the rafters and stuff and my parents came in and were like "what are y'alld doing?!" was fun.

¡No mas escuela!

November 22 2005

So my cousin (Brittney) is comming over later tonight, fun. No school tomorrow! But yeah, we're leaving to G'berg around 5 to the cabin and have Thanksgiving. I'm excited about that. But yeah, I won't be able to practice till we get back, which will inhale vigorously when I do play again. I might just take my mouthpiece and the blue book with me.

Just a note for my horn babies, Nov. 30th instead of having horn choir and a masterclass, Ruth and I will be giving you all mock auditions. If you don't know that that is, we will be behind a screen and ask you to come up in pre-determinded numbers so we won't know who you are. You will play your scales, do sight-reading, and then your audition piece. Be warned! We will judge you, but just to tell you what you should work on, because the auditions are comming up!

So I have to change my audition day for Memphis to Febuary the 3rd because I suck at the ACT. I've been trying to go to the honor bands there for 3 years! And again, I can't go. I can't go to Tech's either though, I have my UT audition that Saturday. And to be more schedual problems, mid-state auditions are the same day as Saul's recital. Boo. So I'm going to try and get an early spot, and still have enough time to jet over to Cookeville before 1. Ah...maybe I'll have a job before then?