April 18 2006

So let's see..last time I blogged last was Saturday? So here it goes.

Easter was on Sunday (duh) so I had two services to play for at church, there was an hour and a half between them, so I went home and took a nap. I have all the pizzas out of my fridge, finally. I went to work around 12:45. I met some other the other cashiers, they are all nice and willing to help, work is enjoyable. There is the one girl (Jamie) who is ghetto, and utterly histarical. We talked about obiestity (sp?) in today youth, teen pregnancy , as well as spending 10 minutes talking about hand sanitizer. Again, as customer or two would chime in, lol. For my lunch break I went to sonic and got a slushie, played sudoku, and just relaxed, it was nice. Left around 7:30, yay.

Monday I was very tired. English was...uh, she passed out papers and then we just sat around the rest of the time. I hate being in classes where I don't do anything. We learned about minor chords in music theory- I wish we would move on to harder stuff. But yeah, enough of school. I gave a trombone player a lesson about good practice habbits and how to develope a nice high range without working as hard. It was nice.

Radu cancelled my lesson, I was a little bummed. I didn't get to see Tyler either...because of reasons, I was bummed again. Hopefully, I have found a way to help Tyler out with lessons. Seeing him would be great, but I would love it more to see him taking lessons with the guy he wants to- hopefully that will happen. On the subject of Tyler, we didn't really have a great night last night. I guess it started with "what if" kinda questions, but it didn't go well. Thank you Abby and Matt for offering your support if I asked for it.

I went to see him today though, during and after his band practice. I stopped and got him a beautiful tie-dyed rose because I felt really bad. He is an amazing boy, if you don't realize it, you should. We went to his house so he could change clothes and put his flower in some water. We just kinda drove around and talked- which talking is good. I took a picture of the sun behind some clouds as it was going down, it was amazing. We returned to his casa, his momma made us supper, and it was really good! We sat on the couch and talked some more, about last night and other things. I'm possitively sure that we're ok. After dinner we went outside and swang on his swing, it was cute. I haven't done that in years. The sister joined us. We also just sat on the grouned and looked at the stars- that is pure romance right there. As far as college goes, we both know we won't get to see each other often, which is sad. Everything logical is saying we won't last, but I'm certain we will. We have something special, which can't easily be broken, and we're both going to try to keep it that way.

He took me back to my car and explained for me how to get back home. So here I am, eating some mini-cheese burgers.

Then end.

First day of working!

April 15 2006

So I woke up at 8 this morning and got ready for work. I arrived at 8:50, clocked in, and met the guy who was going to train me. After he did his normal routine of putting money in the registers, he proceded to train me. All was dandy, he talked very fast. I shadowed this girl named Ashley, who was really cool. We had fun. I start wrapping the breakables and after our first break, she let me cover the register and she 'took it easy' till we clocked out. Anywho, so it started out kind of slow, so it was good. I had ringing up mulch, it confuses me. I also don't like people who buy like 20 plates and are like "will you wrap them individually, I don't want them to break" and then tell them you are going to slow. Excuse me, if you didn't ask me to wrap all your precious plates that cost a dollar each, you would be out of here already. Yeah, we made sure that woman had a hard time getting into her bags. (It is procedure that when breakables are placed in a bag, you tie a knot at the top, well...we tied like three .) So yeah, that was fun. We took our lunch breaks, but because there were so many people in the store we couldn't take them together, so I got to be cashier 1 for 30 minutes. I hope I don't have that number tomorrow, that is the one that is most busy. I took my lunch around 1:10 and bought a fish sandwich in the cafe, it was yummy. I returned working; Ashley and I had our own little conversations the rest of day and customers would chime in everyonce and a while, it was fun. They commented on how she was 21, living at home, and dropped out of college, I laughed. So around 5 it started being uber busy, but we got to leave at like 5:45, not to bad. So I worked my 8 hours, and did 15 minutes of over time.

So I came home, took a shower, and went shopping for more polo shirts for working in. I got a really nice argyle one, yay. I think I did a nice job for a person who never goes out to buy clothes. I also baught a really cute fagbag, yay! I saw it and it looked like one that Tyler has...only it has some blue striped pattern on the inside, like some shorts that he has. It looked like Tyler, so of course I bought it.

My tailbone kind of hurts.

I went out to eat at a pizza place, it was good but took forever long for me to get back home. So here I am. I have to get up at like 6:30 tomorrow because I'm playing at the two Easter services in the morning. I get to go work after that...but only till 7.


stuffy day

April 14 2006

So my surprise for Tyler went well, yay. I woke up around 7 and cleaned myself up, that was hard! It is no fun waking up early when you don't have school (or work). But yeah, I left my house around 7:45 and got to Tyler's around 8:30. His mom was outside and let me in. I walked in to find a half asleep Tyler, who looked muy confused when I walked in and yelled surprise! Lol, it was all good. We just kinda layed around all day and watched TV. He played the movies that he and Lynzi made, they were cute. We watched a pool tournament on TV. (We slept through some of it, too.) I left around 2:30 and pulled in to my house at like 3:20, not to bad of a drive. I was craving a sonic burger, so I went.

I fell asleep around 4 and didn't get up again till 8. I think that my drugs are working, woot. Speaking of working, I start my first day at Old Time Pottery tomorrow. I'm supposed to be trained the first hour and then I'll shadow someone the rest of the day. My hours are from 9-5. I get two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break.

I am currently learning about pop culture. Tyler, and the amazing person that he is, typed up a lesson for me on pop culture which includes CD's. Maybe now I won't look totally confused at prom.


April 13 2006

My throat hurts muy badly today. I'm just not going to talk...much...because I'm going to go see Tyler tomorrow (he doesn't know it yet, so it will be a surprise) and I want to be able to talk to him and not be in pain. Uh! I don't know if it is my allergies or not, but oh well. I just hope it gets better...soon.

I have orchestra rehearsal tonight till 9. I really hope that she spends more than 10 minutes on Elizabeth and mine's concertos because the orchestra isn't sounded like it needs to. I'm sure she will though, I have faith in her. After that, I have quintet till 10. Oh boy.

Time again to rethink my plans for prom. According to Beth, Jackie and Brady gave her a number of seats to reserve at the Aquarium...and Elizabeth and me aren't on it. So now I guess we'll have to eat by ourselves at Olive Garden or something. Thanks of including us (not directed at Beth).

Well Linda, am I a nerd in this post? :-p

one week later...

April 11 2006

So I'm so happy that I get to sleep in my own bed for more than one night! I mean yeah, the bed I was sleeping in at Abby's house was really nice...and the sleep number bed at the hotel was awesome...but nothing beats your own bed. I was slightly confused as to where I was at when I woke up on Monday morning.

So, we had our band trip to DC last week. Well, everyone knows I'm not big on "let's go see monuments and be all patriotic" but DC is BEAUTIFUL! It is so clean there, and all the buildings...I love big cities. It has like 10 parks and everyone was really nice. I enjoyed it very much. I know I should go into more detail, and post some pictures...but I really don't want to do that...so if you want to know about it, e-mail me or something. I don't think that it tops the Chicago trip though...nothing can top Blue Man Group and the Chicago Symphony (playing Mahler 1). DC is amazing, if you get the change, go!

Tyler, being the sweetie that he is, came to meet me at school when I got off the bus. We went to the greenway and walked around. I love being outside and just walking around, it's so peaceful walking on the greenway. And being with someone you adore to death just makes it all the better.

I saw him again last night. We were going to go to a concert, but we were short money...even though the lady was going to give us tickets with the money we had, we just decided to go sit at the park. Let's talk about that for a second. So apparently in Murfreesboro, the park closes at 30 min. past sunset. I didn't know this, and the gate was open. Well, we were sitting at a bench just hanging out and enjoying the outside, and what happens? I cop pulls up. He's all like "hey guys...what are y'all doing?" Smoking Pot! J/k. He said that we were in violation of something for being there...but how were we supposed to know? THE FREAKING GATE WAS OPEN! So yeah, we left, making fun of the cop who was closing the gate behind us, and just went to find something else to do. Mr. Turner was sick today, so I drew him a picture on the back of some manuscript paper during music theory. I think I did a good job for not being an artist.

But yeah, so I'm offically employed at Old Time Pottery. I work this weekend on Saturday (9-5) and on Sunday (1-7). I'm going to be a cashier, so nothing to difficult. I'm so happy that I'll have an income now, gas money!

End of Spring Break

April 03 2006

So, yesturday was more fun that I thought it would be. We woke up around 9 something....very slowly. Packed, did all that good stuff. We left around 10 something...after I kinda got distracted by the breakfast buffet. I'm not sure if I slept in the car or not...I don't think I did, but Matt said I did...so I'll go with him. Abby sure did, man...she was out, lol. We stopped at a very...well...interesting Burger King. They messed up my order, but I got it fixed. We got back in the car and Tyler called me.  I talked with him for about an hour. Eventually, we got back to Matt's house (which looks amazing) after a fun car ride.

Abby and I left Memphis around 5ish, only to get caught in a tornado. We stopped at the Walmart and had a subway while things were going on outside. We got back to Dberg to find her parents on the porch. Madre got me sudoku book. Yay! So I left around 9 something from there, after the storm cleared a little, got gas, and called Tyler so I'd have someone to talk two while I was driving back home.

The way home was different, lol. I drove through the tornado the entire time. Tyler was watching the news so he'd randomly be like "ok, you're about to go through some stuff" but that is why I love him, lol. So I got to Nashville as soon as I get there, what happens? The thunder goes on...and on...and on. I made it home around 12:15, thankfully. Took a shower, opened up a box that had my new horn case in it, unpacked, and went to sleep.

I didn't go to school today, I wanted to sleep, so I didn't really care. We were supposed to have parade practice afterschool, so I went at like 2 so I could warmup and what not, but we didn't...we have it tomorrow, so I left and here I am.

I'm going to meet Tyler around 4ish because I haven't seen him in a week. He's going to love the pocket score that I baught him at the workshop. It's Ein Heldenleben. I baught one for myself too, so now I just need to get a recording of it so I can follow along, it will be so fun.

Workshop day two!

April 01 2006

So let's see..today was fun. We started off going Adam Unsworth's masterclass, it was good, I took a page of notes. Yay for jazz horn! It is fun to watch his mouth when he plays.

After that, we went and looked at some more horns. I talked to Ion Balu managed to get a discount on a mute, hehe. Being the student of the guy he hung out w/ in high school in Romania is good. I baught another score, a shirt, and...I think that's it.

We went to a lecture on historical brass instruments (aka, evolution of the horn) and it was amazing! He had all these horns with him, like an alphorn, some horns from India, some hand horns, it was crazy!


We ate lunch on campus, beside the tree. I climbed in it...after Matt threw me up. lol.  Abby and I also ran around with our horns, fun times!  Fun times.

So the highlight of my day...the Gail Willaims masterclass! I took like...3 pages of notes in that one. It was very informative. She just, said things that are very obvious, but you wouldn't ever think about. And that is why she is Gail Willaims.


So yay for Tyler and Kyle's one month today! Matt and Ben's is on Monday and he was all like "Kyle, what should I do?!" but I failed to offer any help for them...and life as usual, whoa is me.

So yeah...we're leaving at like...10 tomorrow so I can be home sooner. My horn case came in whoot whoot!


Horn Workshop Day 1

March 31 2006

So today was fun! I woke up around 7:15 to call Tyler, he didn't pick up but saw that I called and got happy. I succeeded.  I then went back to sleep. So after Abby crawls in my bed for like 5 minutes from the house keeping lady waking her up, I decided to get dressed, pull out the silent brass mute and warm-up.

We went to the workshop and got all registered, that was fun. We found a practice room, where Matt and Abby played duets.

I was called to do the contest 2nd. I think I played well. I missed the first high Bb, but came back with the 2nd one and played it very strong. Abby and Matt said that it was better than the girl who went before me and played. I didn't make finals, but that's ok, I wasn't expecting to. Everyone who did was from Texas.

What did Abby and I do next? Exhibitions! Omg, it was fun. I played on Alexanders, Paxmans, E. Schmid, and the Alex Wagner Tuba. OMG! Wagner tubas are soooo fun! The Schmid was pro'lly my favorite custom horn that I tried. I baught something really cool for Tyler, and a CD with a Vienna hornist playing recital stuff. I'm going to have to go back and get the thing I got for Tyler for myself also, it's amazing. I'm going to get a new hand guard also. From getting the flipper put on, I had to cut up the one I have now so it slides around sometimes.


We went out for lunch, it was good. We went back to hear the opening recital. The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse did an amazing job. (We ate dinner with them.) There was also a lady who played an Alphorn and it was cool! But yeah, after that Abby and I went to a class on natural horn. It was great, we're both wanting to buy one because they were so fun. Matt went to a lecture on horns used in film music. The principle horn player from the London Symphony was there (from when they recorded all the Star Wars and other music) and played excerpts and told stories and stuff.

We went to eat a this really nice place. I had authentic gumbo. The waitress was uber slow and we missed the first half of the concert. Speaking of the concert...holy freaking cow! Gail Williams and the other were amazing on Konzertstuke (sp?). Gail seemed that she was having a bad day, but played amazing. She has this presence that is like...don't mess with me.


So we're now at the hotel, being all lazy. More tomorrow!

More Spring Break.

March 31 2006

So, the past two days have been...eventful. We'll start with yesturday.

So, I woke up around 9:45 to go downstairs and see Sierra on the computer looking at pictures of her boyfriend, it was...funny. So we went upstairs and I showed her pictures of mine, hehe. The madre then took me to subway to get lunches for her, Abby, and myself. It was yum. Abby spent her lunch time playing duets with me. We also walked around the school to collect her school work and what not. 6th period we had horn sectional, her section is so much more fun than mine. (Sorry guys.)

(Kitty in my suitcase.)

Abby and I went to walmart, and of course, goofed around. We went to the pet store too, it was fun. Later, we went to eat at Abe's (Dberg 'fine dinning') and ate veal. It was good, but gave us gas.

Tyler and I have a small...well, medium sized dispute. We're learning how to compromise with each other, as well as learning our personalities. I guess being 45 minutes away from each other, and then around 5 when I move to college will really test us, but I think we can do it. The task now is the whole job schedual thing.

Abby looks funny in a facial mask.

Today we woke up at 9 something, pooped around till 11:45 and made our way to Memphis. We met Matt, talked to Dr. Holland for a little while, and goofed off. (Abby Wang.)

Matt took us to eat and it was yummy.  He took us this round-about way to his house, which is amazingly beautiful! I want to live there. We loaded in the car, and drove...since four...and didn't get to the hotel till...1 something.

We had a random time in the car. Talking, singing, just being dumb. I did two sudoku's in 20 minutes. Hehe.

We stopped at O'Charles and they waitress was funny! She came and sat with us, told us dirty jokes, and just had fun.

We got back in the car...goofed off some more, and now we're here. I'm going to get up at ::insert time:: and suprise Tyler. He has a big guard competition tomorrow, and the had an...akward practice. So, I'm going to try and help his day start out well.

I have the solo competition thing tomorrow, I hope it goes well. It sounded good today, so I'm not too worried. I don't expect to win, but I want to represent myself and Radu well. We'll see how it goes.

More to come tomorrow!


March 28 2006

no, the hopelessly romantic thing was GOOD! I was saying that I was NOT hopeless anymore...

have a nice day.

Spring Break, day 1

March 28 2006

So yeah, I woke up this morning around 9:45 and was like well, I guess I'll go ahead and get up. So I did. Luckily, I left when I needed to anyway, after cleaning my room and making sure I packed everything. I

At 10:30 I went to Old Time Pottery, talked with the manager, and I start on Monday after I get out of my horn lesson. Yay for money! Now, we just have to talk about my work schedual. She said that she'd only need me on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but I want to have atleast one day on the weekend off, but if I worked Sundays, I would get off at 11. Oh well, the manager that refered me in the first place said he would work around my schedual so I'm not really worried.

I left there at 11, still on time, and drove for the next 3ish hours. NPR is great.  I got to Abby's house around...2:45 and then la Madre took me to the school and I got to play with the band. It was cool, everyone knew who I was, lol. The choir director is a BEAST! But yeah, we played duets and I hung out with Sierra in the office during jazz band.

After that, we went to eat Chinese, woot woot. Sierra's boyfriend is weird, but in a good way. I have pictures.

 That's me and Madre.

 Me playing with my chop sticks.

 Abby looking like a rabbit.

 Sierra and Zach (the boyfriend)

 Zach drinking soy sauce.

The end!

what can I say?

March 28 2006
well...I can say that I'm not hopelessly romantic anymore!

DNJ article on Elizabeth and me!

March 23 2006

Young musicians to solo with MYO

Young musicians recently competed for cash prizes and the chance for a solo with the Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra at its upcoming spring concert.

The Concerto Competition was sponsored by Steinway Piano Gallery.

Young musicians recently competed for cash prizes and the chance for a solo with the Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra at its upcoming spring concert.

The Concerto Competition was sponsored by Steinway Piano Gallery.

Young musicians recently competed for cash prizes and the chance for a solo with the Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra at its upcoming spring concert.

The Concerto Competition was sponsored by Steinway Piano Gallery.

Young musicians recently competed for cash prizes and the chance for a solo with the Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra at its upcoming spring concert.

The Concerto Competition was sponsored by Steinway Piano Gallery.

The two winners of the Senior Division are Kyle Hayes, French Horn, and Ellen Gassler, cello. They will be in the spotlight with solos at MYO's May 2 concert.

Kyle is a senior studying with Radu Rusu, and Elizabeth is a junior studying with Alicia Randisi-Hooker.

Honorable Mention in the Senior Division went to Heather Nagy, flute, and Craig Bullington, violin.

View the actual article .


March 22 2006
I'm tired of fake friends.

just another rainy day

March 21 2006

today was boring.

first period consisted of us working on note cards, but I played on the computer because I had done mine already. the dodge-ball game went on, but I didn't go, no one to sit with.

music theory was a joke ::again:: so I went to my practice room.

we watched coach carter in government; it is a good movie.

in band, we played the rotc music, parade music, and then got to go to lunch early. Lindsey Brison is my favorite person in band.

we played for the rotc passive review thing during 5th, I took my sudoku book with me. twas lame.

6th period was a good learning experience. I took my speakers and computer and Mr. Medford and I made some recordings. they were BOOTY! but he said to take the ones we did home, burn them, and we'll make some more later.

it is no fun with your three favorite people don't go to the same school as you...or pretty much have the same area code. friday is senior skip day...I'm greatly looking forward to that.


Woo Japan!

March 19 2006

So Tyler came to see Macbeth with me. They did really well, and were very good actors. The guy who played Macbeth was super.

We then went to eat Japanese food. I also taught him the ways of chopsticks. We split a bento box with lots of stuff in it. He said he didn't trust me at first, but really enjoying it. We also had like eight california rolls. Sr. Dan should be proud.


March 18 2006

I hate being bored! It's of the devil.

Term Paper

March 17 2006

Yeah, so I don't think I'm going to work on my term paper during my time in the computer lab today.

Today should be a 'snow' day.


Prom plans...not happening.

March 15 2006

So I have no idea what I'm doing now! I've found out that whoever decided who gets to ride in the limo has left my prom date and me off the list. I don't really care for me, but she (Elizabeth Gassler) goes to private school and does get a prom and I wanted this to be AMAZING for her. So, I guess we'll have to have our own prom without the group.

Grr to a small portion of the senior class.

awesome, awesome day

March 12 2006

So I went to Warren County after church today to spend time with Mr. Turner. I drove with my windows while listening to Beethoven's 6th, it was great. I like driving w/ my windows down. So that took about 40 minutes, not bad. I met Tyler and he drove me around and gave me a mini-tour of the town, it was cute. He then took me home to meet his mom, I like her, she's very cute. We then went and ate Chinese buffet, it was very good. I need to teach Tyler how to eat with chopsticks eventually, lol. Later, he took me to walk around the greenway. It was awesome just walking around the park while holding hands, and in public! To think, to guys holding hands in public...but it was great.  We got all hot and sweaty, yum. After the walk he took us to Hastings to get some smoothies. I felt bad about him paying for everything, but it was sweet. We then went back to his house and spent the rest of the time (which was like three hours) laying around watching TV. His sister is uber adorable. She brought us cupcakes, and Tyler decided to be messy and get all the chocolate on my face, but he cleaned it up, lol. It was really fun, I think we both feel asleep a couple of times, muy cute. But alas, I had to leave. We said our good byes, and I went on my way home, to Mahler 1 this time. I think this boy is a keeper, for all seriousness. This dumb truck decided to race the the entire way home...but I beat him!

And that was the end to my awesome weekend. We're going to go see Macbeth next Sunday, so excited.

Woot, Saturday.

March 11 2006

So I got to see Tyler and Lindsey today. I met them for lunch, it was good. Cheese fries make me happy.

I took them to Bath Junkie and it was really fun. We experimented with the smells for like 30 minutes, then they baught some stuff, yay! We also went to Kohl's....here are the pictures.


That is them at the "smelly station" being all experimental like.


That is Mr. Tyler and myself with some Jolly Rancher pillows, lol. Not quite PEZ...but it will do.

I'm going to his house tomorrow, so exciting!

Woot woot!

March 10 2006

Today was great!!!!

We had concert fest today. I decided to wear flipflops w/ my tux and put my shoes on when I get on the bus...well, I got to school and forgot my shoes...so I had to burn rubber in order to get back home and get my shoes and get back to school in 10 in or less. I did. We played the music, got on the bus, went to the festival, and got 1's! Yay! I was so excited. We stayed to watch MaGavock vs Columbia...MaGavock won, by a lot.

We get back home after eating at the mall (where I saw my mom's friend and her children, I picked one of them up and everyone was like "Kyle! Did you steal one of the children!?!?!" it was funny) and wouldn't you know it, I left my shoes on the bus this time. Oh well.

I went to coinstar (which is the greatest thing ever!) and with all the change laying around my room, I ended up leaving with ::drum roll:: $121.75 how awesome!! Gas money, horn workshop money, woot woot.

I then went to get my haircut and meet Tyler at my school, where we say the play "Ax of Murder" and it was awesome, I expected it to be a little more funny, and a more dramatic ending, but it was still really good. Jackie and everyone did a good job. Tyler and I went to Starbucks afterward and talked and what not. It was good. I'm going to see him on Sunday...because he left is wallet in my car, lol. But I was going to go anyway.

So yeah, good days.

Question: What ya gunna do with all that junk? All that junk inside yo trunk?
Answer: I'm gunna get get get you drunk, get you love drunk off my humps. My humps, my lovely little lumps.

My marriage to Figaro.

March 09 2006

So let's see...I posted last on Tuesday, right? I'll start from Wednesday then. So I get to church and Mr. Kinney asks me to help him demonstrate instruments for the pre-school choir, it was cute. They got scared when I played a part of Siegfried horn call. We then went to choir rehearsal, and omg, the piece we're playing is sooo much fun. I feel like a rockstar and the choir ladies that are on my bell end are like "omg, that's loud" it was really funny.

Tonight in orchestra, it was kinda boring. Many of the people didn't show up because of "Hurricane Laquita" and we (the brass) really didn't get much playing time. Later, I went on to quintet (even though its really like 8 people, we just call it that) and for the first 10 min or so, we only had 5 people...with the correct instrumentation, only a sax instead of a clarinet. Oh well, everyone showed up a little later. Transcriptions of Mozart overtures are fun.

Outstanding Music Performance Scholarship

March 06 2006
So yeah, I'm totally going to college for free. I love my horn. To think what I would be doing if I still played the clarinet...

Flipflops, woot woot

March 01 2006

Current mood: chipper

So it was really warm today, and I liked it. I wore flipflops and drove around with my windows down. I like sitting outside when it's nice outside. Even more when I'll have an iPod and can listen to music and just relax.

I only had to go to one class today, it was fun. We had a peprally during 1st and 2nd period, so I just went to my little hole in the wall called "Kylie's Practice Room" and had some alone time with my horn. So Morceau and Villanelle are coming along great, I'm excited. I did that C-scale run amazing like 5 times, I was soo happy.

Waiting for the weekend to come around is aweful. Oh well, it will come. Tomorrow is Chinese night, yay. Elizabeth and I have decided to do it because we both have to go to orchestra rehearsal anyway, and she gets her essays done faster when she has to meet me for food. It's very bonding. After orchestra I have quintet rehearsal...till like 10:00, so I won't get home till 10:15ish, boo. I'll miss the monologue that Ellen does before the show starts...

Happy Hump-day!!