horns- their own family

February 03 2007
According to the National Collegiate Board of Music, the horn section
is how their own family. The family of musical instruments now consist
of strings, percussion, woodwinds, brass, and horns. The reason for
this is due to the fact that the horn mouthpiece is much more different
than the other brass members.

Whoorah for us.

the possessed metronome.

January 05 2007
So, I'm out in my garage practicing, like a good little musician
does, while complaining about 6/8 time and my lack of understanding how
to play in triple meter, cuz I suck. I had not turned on my metronome
yet for I was just walking back out there from taking a bathroom break.
Randomly, my metronome turns on, and I freak for just a little bit,
turn it off, and say "Dennis Brain must be upset at me." Shortly after
saying this, it comes on again. I freak out some more and scream just a
little bit, cuz that's some crazy mess. I decide that Mr Brain doesn't
want me to suck anymore for today so I go back into my house, still
screaming, and the door was locked...not how I left it, so I freak
again. After freaking for about 10 minutes, here I am...freaked out
some more.

The end.

my home town

January 05 2007
I forget how boring murfreesboro is...

to everyone

December 24 2006
happy holidays and such.

goodbye first semester.

December 15 2006
So, I think I should reflect on this past semester.

So, I came
here in August worried about fitting in, if I would make lots of new
friends, if I would make it in my classes, you know, the general
freshman worries. I'm glad to say that I've done fine. I feel like this
place was made for me, I feel so at home in Memphis, even though I
don't know my way around yet. I have a 3.4 GPA as of today, with three
more classes to post grades, that makes me amazingly happy. I've made many friends...and by friends I mean people who call me after school and on weekends to go out to eat and stuff, yay.

friends that I've made are amazing. I feel like I have people that can
help me with everything. Like yeah, everyone is great. I have an
amazing roommate, it's so fun to have someone to watch my cartoons with
and laugh. The teachers that I had were fabulous. Like, yeah...Dan and
Dr. V are the shiz.

Hm...dating in Memphis, I think I should
talk about that because I get asked often. So after Tyler I went on
dates with a few people, they were all fun, but yeah...didn't last
long. I'm currently seeing a guy named Steven, he's a sophomore at
Baptist College of Health Sciences, and he's one of the sweetest people
ever. Yeah, I'm so glad that I get to see him everyday and spend time
with him. He works at starbucks (woot!) and is a dj at various clubs,
so he teaches me about all the music that he does, it's fun. I'm going
to experience him work on Wednesday, I'm excited. His mom and step-dad
dude are the coolest also. And yeah, his dogs, 5 HUGE dog,
haha...they're fun. The interesting thing is, he smokes...and for
people who knew me in high school, I wasn't really attracted to
smokers, but I guess I got used to it. Kissing isn't that big deal
either, like, I can't really tell and I've kissed him in the middle of
his smoke break, so I'm enjoying it. God only knows how wonderful I
feel when I'm around him and after all the mess earlier in the
semester. He's a keeper...and he likes onions and mayonaise, yay.

think my horn playing has improved a lot. There are still aspects that
hold me back, but that's normal. I'm proud of how I'm playing and I'm
looking forward to my improvement next semester. This time next year
I'll hopefully be getting gigs playing more often, which excites me. My
favorite ensemble this year would be, hands down, my wind quintet.
Yeah...if you only knew how much fun I've had with the four of them,
they're great.

Living on campus has been wonderful, but I
wouldn't mind getting an apartment close enough where I could ride my
bike. One of my favorite new people, Chris, and I have talked about
getting one over the summer. [He's the theatre guy I go to Perkins with
late at night, if I've talked about that before.]

But yeah, that's about all...I'm loving college so far, and next semester should be even better.

a new love

December 05 2006
I found a new love tonight- cranberry sauce. It's quite good.



November 28 2006
The prospects of something good delight me greatly.

my house

November 22 2006
So I'm at home right now, about to leave for Gatlinberg...pretty sure it feels weird.

My turtles are huge!!

I'm up late.

November 12 2006
Yeah, I'm not sure why I'm up this late, but I am. I was in a cleaning
mood, so I guess that might be it. I did laundry and cleaned my room,
so I am being productive at 4 am.

Let's see, I got a new
goldfish the other day to be friends with the other one (Ludwig Van
Goldfish). I named the new one D'mitri Shastakofish. How fun! I have a
snail too, but I just call it Ma.

I got a tamagotchi last night
and it's so much fun! Everyone should get one. I can't wait to have
money to get new clothes, my closet is full old out of style
stuff...and tshirts. I don't have many casual stuff, which I'll be
wearing when I start teaching at the Collierville Music Academy.

so excited about teaching, there is nothing that brings me greater joy
than teaching the horn, something I love, to other people, so that they
may love it as well. I'm probably going to have around 5 or 6 kids to
start off. I'm hoping that at the end of the semester I can do a little
CMA horn studio recital and be all like "Hi parents, this is what I've
done to your children" and have something quite nice for them.

thanks to Sr. Dan, I have lots of stuff to practice this week, which
makes me happy because it will encourage me to go in my practice room.
Sometimes I feel like I don't cut it as a performance major, and then
other times I do. I know when I work on this stuff, and work on it
everyday like I negect doing, I will become much better at my
instrument, meaning I'll become a better performer. Yay!

I'm so excited about the new music theory books, I can't tell everyone that enough. I love them.


November 10 2006
I totally got a tamagotchi today and it's so much fun...the games online and the passwords for toys make me laugh, haha.


November 08 2006
Phusebox is much too conservitive.

my life soundtrack

November 01 2006

music of my life

OPENING CREDITS: Beethoven Symphony 5, mvt 1

WAKING UP: Mahler Symphony 2, movement 2

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Eric Whitacre, Water Night

FIGHT SONG: Secret, Maroon 5

BREAKING UP: Otello: Ave Maria, Guisseppe Verdi

HAPPINESS: Daylight, coldplay

LIFES OK: Violin Concerto in A minor Op. 3, Allegro- Vivaldi

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Rio Grande from "The Day after Tomorrow", Harald Kloser

DRIVING: Concerto primo: La Battaglia, Gabrielli

FLASH BACK: Beethoven Symphony 2, moment 2

GETTING BACK TOGETHER: Slavonic Dance number 6 Op. 46, D'vorak

WEDDING: Another Sunny Day, John Mellencamp...omg, that's be so right...

BIRTH OF A CHILD: The Wait is Over, Disciple

DEATH SCENE: Beethoven Symphony 1, movement 2

FUNERAL:Mahler 9, movement 4

CREDITS: Die Walkure: Magic Fire Music, Wagner

I'm back?

October 28 2006

Yeah, I got bored so I thought I'd get on phusebox.

So Tyler and I are broken up for good, he's a complete jerk. For more, see my blog on myspace. (my page is myspace.com/krhayes667)

I'm totally loving Memphis. School is great! My ensembles are pretty fun as well. I'm principal horn in the symphonic band, and I'll be in wind ensemble next year they tell me. I'm also playing in the ONLY undergraduate woodwind quintet which I absolutly love, it's my favorite ensemble by far. We have so much fun, and the faculty have said we're the best undergrad woodwind quintet so far, which makes me proud. We're going to have a recital coming up soon and we've also been asked to perform in the school of music workshop coming up in a few weeks. I'm playing in the symphony orchestra next semester, I can't wait for that!!!

The Memphis Horn Society finally kicked off, woot woot. We're supposed to have our next meeting in two weeks, that will be fun. I'm the librarian...but we haven't done anything yet so oh well.

Music theory is much more difficult in college than it was in high school. I should study more for that class. Aural theory (aka ear training) is okay, but it sucks sometimes, only really when you have to write out chords telling if they're major/minor/augmented/diminished and what inverstion it's in. That's some messed up stuff.

Marching band isn't as fun as it was in highschool. We're hosting bandmasters tomorrow (and I'm utterly upset that Siegel isn't coming!!!) which should be a fun easy day for me. I'm only running one band, so I don't have to be there till 3, and then I'm off at 5 till 9 when we have to get ready for exhibition.

Let's see...I have a job, that's pretty fun. I'm the horn instructor for the community music school that UofM has. I might be teaching at a music academy in Collierville soon as well. Can't pass up anything that pays $25 an hour!

Pretty sure that I have an amazingly un-jerkish boyfriend now, Clay. :-)

Yeah, that's all. Please befriend me on myspace (link above) and subcribe to my blog so I can avoid double posting...unless I get lots of remarks saying "double post!"


I'm gone.

August 22 2006

walking home in the rain

August 20 2006

Why do I do this? I treat him so badly. Why does he stay with me? I keep telling him "I call you more" and "I'll try harder" but I really don't. I am bushing him away. I am doing it. What has he done? Nothing, he's been the best boyfriend that anyone could ask for. What does he get in return?


I almost want to throw up. I love him so much, but what does that mean if he doesn't know it? I miss him saying I love you. That song that Josh Groban sings is basically how it makes me feel when he says it.

If I don't start being the boyfriend that he is for me, he'll leave me.

Come what may.

more band camp

August 18 2006

Today was a lot better than yesturday. I feel really stiff in the morning, so I feel sucky at that time, but night practices are better. We have all of the pre-game show on now, playing and everything. Yay!

Tyler is at a football game and won't get home till midnight. Grr. I thought of some really cute that I can do when I go see him and he's at school. Hehe.


band camp

August 17 2006

Band camp is much easier than high school. We take a lot longer to do things, thus more breaks. I miss high school band already.

Tyler got mad at me last night, so I didn't sleep well. It's showing, I'm quite tired. I'm mad at myself too, I don't treat him like I should. Grr myself. We made up this morning though before he went to school, so I feel slighty better.

Nap time.



August 15 2006

On the way home from the music building, Abby and I cought a mouse. It was someone's pet, I think, because it was colored all pretty and didn't run away from us. We put it somewhere that it would be able to not die by cars.


so yeah...

August 15 2006

I'm in a temporary room in the dorm building that I'll be living in. I move into my real room next week.

It's lonely.


come what may

August 14 2006

in a few hours, it will all be different.


few more days...

August 13 2006

Just a few more days till I leave for Memphis. Tyler and I spent all of Saturday together, it was fun. We went to the Science Adventure Center and played around there, then to one of Nashville's malls for lunch/walking around. We went back to his house to watch a movie and then make this cute little memory book (we made one for each other) to look at when we're lonely and stuff. I shall miss him greatly. We checked both of our calendars for when we'll get to see each other next, and it looks like we won't get to see each other till my fall break. In September. The end of September. He gave me his grandma's ring. Yay. :-)

I miss him already.

day one

August 07 2006

So yeah, Siegel had the first day of band camp today. It went very well, we put 15 or 20 sets on the field with music, so it's exciting.

I have tan lines on my feet. :-)

5th months and still going

August 06 2006

Tyler and I have been together for five months now, as of August fourth. We have matching rings. :-)

I love him.

and the time goes by

August 01 2006

I have 15 more days.

It's all going to change. I'm not ready.


July 29 2006

So Thursday, Tyler's mom called me saying Tyler was having panic attacks and was asking for me. So I went to go see him and help him feel better. It was scary, he had a mini one in the shower but I woke him up and held him till it was over. I cried a few times while he was in his resting and I was just petting him. We assume that all the stuff going on with band (instructors bashing him for being better than they are and him getting more respect from the students) cought up to him and his brain shut down. His mom got all fired up and said she was going to talk to the band director and hangout because she's been hearing some things about this happening to other kids as well. (She's scary when she's angry, much like him.) I'm just so glad he's okay.

 I think that after all the drama and stuff that's been going on the past month has been put to rest. That makes me so happy. Even though we fight more than we should, we both love each other, and that's what matters. Now that we've made-up and stuff, I can see a more healthy relationship around the corner, even though we'll be four hours apart.

We'll make it work. According to his mother, we are meant to be.

So yeah, I was on my way home yesturday around 9:00 and had a fender-bender. It's all ok, it was the wet road's fault and the other lady and myself are okay. The damage that I have are a busted headlight and bent hood, shouldn't be too much to get fixed. I'm just glad I'm ok.

I have like...17 days till I leave for school. I'm totally not ready.