...A much-needed activity?

July 08 2006

Y'know, while I've been on vacation here, I've really come to the conclusion that mind and body really are one in so many ways.  The times when I've been just sittin' around doin' nothing, I felt like a big pile of poo, always wanting to take naps, be completely anti-social/emo/angst-y/whatever.  But, like today, when the times are spent doing stuff physically, whether it be something as simple as walking a lot or playin' a sport in a ghetto fashion, I feel so much better.

So, the moral of the story, kids, for those of you who haven't heard me preach it before: Exercise is the way to make you feel better no matter what, so long as you don't over-exert yourself, of course.

And now, with the parents' house hopefully fixed up for good, I can resume my DDR playing.  Finally.

So, I'm thinkin' sometime next week when I'm back, get some people together to play some DDR, maybe play some other games/video games/hangout/whatever...  Yeah, that'd be good times for all.

So anyone interested in doin' that, leave a message here or call me with your availability (this most definitely means you need to come, Anna, so we can do somethin' more than pokin' each other on Facebook...:P ).

...Random tangent, but it's somethin' I just thought about...  It almost seems as though the idea of the afterlife from the Mormon perspective is a combination of a crazy bureaucracy and Dante's Inferno, given the description I heard my cousins discuss, that group of cousins all being Mormons and one bein' a missionary.