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May 01 2006

so how about my new honda accord has been broken down for the past week and if its not fix by firday it will be 2 full weeks of my car being broken down


and ive got all the parts at my house

its just the dood wont come over and fix my car


well hope ever one has a great day


Parental Advisory

April 17 2006

Hey ladys and gentle sea cows,

how are you?

im doing great, i bought a 91 honda accord 5 speed last tuesday, its rad i love to drive it and what not

ill post a pic of it on here later but yeah

keep it real peace out


April 10 2006

Hello ladys and gentlemen

i would like to inform u that jeph is A oK! and that he is out of the hosptial and is doing fine

this is jeph

he acutally got out of the hosptail on friday, which was cool cuz we hung out most the weekend with andrew doing what we always do keeping it real durr.

here is andrew


andrew is a master gun shooter dont fuck with him

but yeah ne way this weekend was ok i suppose not much happened

i did get pulled over by the cops for going 36 in a 30 zone he didnt give me a ticket so its all good that was the most crazyest thing that happened this weekend

but oh well

im gonna head on out, and keep things real

leave me some comments nigga!

-ed loves u

Sugar Plum

April 04 2006

today has been pretty wild

my best friend jeph went to the hospital today he od on lortabs...

then on top of that his parents think i was in on this drug deal so they think im some bad kid when i cant stand drugs.

but the good thing is, is that he is gonna be ok. he just has to stay over night .

but ne way

in other news

i miss placed my keys to the chevy beretta,

well ur thinking ed, why do u care? the car doesnt even work!

well any other day i would agree with u but!!!! i have some good news

im gonna sell my car so i can get a new car

but i cant find the keys so doesnt look like i can ne time soon lol

but yeah i have a huge favor to ask.

im looking for a honda crx 5 speed. if u know ne buddy that is selling one please tell me!!!

actually ne honda car thats a 5 speed would be great

well comment me love me


random picture

jimmys hand goes BOOM!


April 01 2006

Good morning Starshine the earth says hello

so ive been thinking, and i think its time for me to get a new job this will be my 3rd job this hole year lol, which i think is insane seeing how most ppl my age havent even had one job yet but ne way, im looking to buy a new car, cuz im selling the beretta, and i hate driving the caddie jsut cuz it sucks gas down super fast.

so if ne u cool kids know ne buddy selling a car thats five speed tell meh!

have a great day kids


Artificially Flavored

March 30 2006

so this spring break didnt turn out that bad, i did get fired from my job, but it happens. as long as i had fun this spring break its cool with me, here are some crazy photos of me and what i did this spring break

me destorying the evil monsters

rambo style bitchs

yeah well thats all i did nigger all i did

Canon optura 50

March 28 2006

yo yo

well i got fired from my job friday

im broke

but its all good!!!


Hydrocortisone PLUS!

March 24 2006

damn its been months since ive posted something on here

well lets see its SPRING BREAK!!

yeah thats right so u know im gonna be keeping it real

um nothing big has happend to me, ive got a new job working at hickory falls, its a resturant, pretty sure it sucks too. but i need the money

i got a video camera that bought not to long ago, ive made a few movies u should check them out

go to my myspace and watch dance dance!!!


click the picture of me playing guitar with my friend standing next to me.

but yeah u'll die laughing!!

yeah im pretty sure im gonna make movies for the rest of my life.

im going to college to become a awesome FILM MAKER!!!


i really am

but seriously idk what else to post so u niggers leave me them comments

here are some things ive been doing since u last saw me

thats me fishing:)


thas about all ive done thats been cool

so u know keep it real fo shizzle!


December 04 2005

Long time no Post!!!!

yeah so as you can tell i got my hair cut...

and i always finally got my car....

then my car broke down....

then i had thanksgiving...

thats just to catch every one up on whats going on!!!

so yeah its been amazing year so far i cant wait till Christmas!!!!

i hope everyone is ok leave me tons and tons of Remarks saying how beautiful i am and how much u wanna touch me!!!

diggity dang!!

fall break

October 06 2005
hey u magical kids

im on fall break and it sucks

so i guess ill see u guys later bye


September 25 2005
Star Crunch RULES!!!!

YAY Friday was our homecoming and we lost YAY!!!! hmm lets see homecoming was cool i hung out with a bunch of SUPER RAD People i had a blast!!!

ive got work today from 2-10! which kinda sucks. but thats ok at least ill get a bunch of money for it YAY BUNCHES OF MONEY YAY!!!!

Well im gonna head out before the super zombies of NOAH LAND eat me have a good day



September 20 2005
Como te llamas? YAY im speaking spanish isnt that Grand?!? WEll ANyWHo school has been cool!! i love school. Work has been really crappy jimmy got fired so now its not gonna be fun at all but thats ok cause Matt Rob. is getting hired there so he should start working in the next week or so....Im in the Church Band!!!! Woot i think its awesome cause i get to worship god, and LEAD worship for other kids which is so much fun! this wednesday will be my sec. time to play for ppl!!!

well im off to school hope everyone has a good day BYE!!!


Long time NO?

September 13 2005

Dear Phusebox,
Today in Class i was thinking about you, and i felt like crying, its been to long i told myself, i thought u wouldnt take me back but i was wrong it looks like u have forgiven me and now im here typing u this awful a short story with a tragic end.

WTF am i talking about???

dude i love u guys lving me REMARKS cause they make me wanna shout raise my hand up and shout eat some cheese up and shout yayayayaya


Playing with the Fire

August 25 2005
So i play with fire to break the Ice.
I like to play with a NUCLUAR DEVICE.

Is it something i regreat.
These two words that i can't get

I Wish it didn't have to be so BAD


August 21 2005
Yeah so its been a super long time since i posted on here.

well i got a job at mcdonalds and its a ton of hard work that i dont wanna do lol

and thats it lol

bye bye


August 10 2005
SCHOOL tomorrow!!! whoa

this Summer flew by Fast like a train on its way to a location thats far away and it never stops only at that one location and it goes at like 100000000 miles per hour so you get there fast and since you never stop it makes it even faster!!!! yeah thats how summer was oh well

well i love you guys! Hope every one had a good summer and have a wounderful day bye bye


August 09 2005
Hey boys and girls im back from michagain and im so glad to be home!!!! ok lets see

First thing i did when i got to michagain i ran into my grandparents guest room and turned on the tv and watched tv, lol i know not very fun

Then the next day we went to our hotel in south haven which is an hour away from my grandparents and i thought the hole reason why i was there was to see them but whatever.

Then monday my aunt becky showed up, then my unlce jeff with my cousin jeff lol then we all hung out at the pool and went out to EAT!!!!!!

Tuesday was crazy my aunt got drunk and got in a fight with my mom and it was funny and stuff......then every buddy got in a fight then it got gay so we just went to bed and stuff and did nothing.

Wed. we just sat around at our hotel and played Xbox well me and my cousin did every one else was in a diff hotel room being retarded

Thursday my Unlce jeff and my cousin Jeff left, so i had a hotel room to my self just to sit there and be bored so yeah thats basicly all thursday was just me sitting in a empty room

Friday we checked out and went back to my grandparents house and hung out there

Saturday we went to my aunts house and hung out with her friends then we went back to my grandparents and packed and stuff

Sunday i came home and now im home!!!!! i went to the mall monday and got a Fall Out Boy t-shirt and an Atticus T-shirt, and i got my hair trimed u cant even tell i got my hair cut it sucks but oh well

today idk what im gonna do but i will find something to do well keep it real bye


I'm off

July 30 2005
Well im gonna be gone for a week, and i wont be able to talk to ne of u good ppl!!!

i know its sad but youll live!

well much love and i hope u guys have an awesome WEEK!!!


July 29 2005
I'm Finally Finshed with all the work around the house now im Free!!!!!!!!! ok ne way i hope u guys have a good day and um....yeah keep it real BYE!!!!



July 29 2005
Ok well this is the Sec. day of me doing nothing but work for my mom, i've Mowed the grass, cleaned the mini van and changed the oil and do all that gross stuff, then i cleaned the kitchen then i cleaned the Grague or however u spell it then i cleaned my room, and i have more to do Does it ever STOP!!!!

Oh well im just gonna do it and just hope i dont get yelled at for complaining about it.

I leave tomorrow morning which is Satuday 7/30/2005 at 8:00 and Me Ed will drive by my self all the way to Michagain which is a 9-10 hr drive yeah thats right I will be Driving since my mom doesn't want to OH JOY!!!!!! yeah right well i hope every buddy has a Super Duper day and that u guys have a great Week while im gone because schools gonna be starting here soon so enjoy the summer while u can BYE BYE
oh and yes i do love you all

Love you, Ed