3 more days till my Birthday !!!!

April 02 2006

Thats right ! I can't wait. Its gonna be a good one. I can feel it now. I'm really hoping to get a digital camera so I can put some more pics on here of me and my friends. Well Spring Break is about 21 hours from being over. That stinks. But its all good though. I got two test on Tuesday which stinks. I got a Bible test which will be easy as crap and I got an Economics test. Booooo I hate those test. I always study like none other and still do horrible. OPENING DAY IN BASEBALL TODAY AT 7:00PM ON ESPN2 ! CLEVELAND INDIANS TAKE ON THE DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPION CHICAGO WHITE SOX. Are you ready for some baseball ? Atlanta kicks off there season tomorrow at 3pm against the LA Dodgers. Tim Hudson

will square off against Derek Lowe  !!!

Batting order for the 14 consecutive divison title Atlanta Braves:

1. Marcus Giles, 2B

2. Edgar Renteria, SS

3. Chipper Jones, 3B

4. Andruw Jones , CF

5. Adam LaRoche, 1B

6. Jeff Francoeur, RF

7. Brian McCann, C

8. Ryan Langerhans, LF

Rotation :

1. Tim Hudson, RHP

2. John Smoltz, RHP

3. Horacio Ramirez, LHP

4. Jorge Sosa, RHP

5. Kyle Davies, RHP

Team BAD

March 31 2006

Alden and Ben came over tonite ! Hahaha I snuck Alden in and we played a lil' Baseball and I got beat but you play me any other time and I'll kill ya Alden. Ben well you might put up a fight. But Alden u suck and u know it ! Its only b/c you had Ben's help that you won and you still almost lost. Stupid error in the thrid that cost me 3 runs !!!!

Great Cd !

March 29 2006

Man I got this amazing CD at walmart today. Its Alan Jackson Hymnals. Oh gosh ! I knew every word to every song that has played so far. Its absolutley amazing. Its what I've been wanting for along time. Thanks AJ ! Can't wait till summer to roll down my windows and play "I'll Fly Away " ! Hahaha !

Give me an A+ Goodwyn

March 26 2006

So I turned in my research paper in on Thursday. I dunno about what Mr. Goodwyn will think about it but Im thinking a definate A+ !


March 19 2006
So I come home from work at 3:30pm yesterday and I see this amazing '62 inch TV in my living room. Its pretty sweet. I guess we are getting rid of the old one.

Details of Feb. 28 & March 1st

March 11 2006

So Feb. 28th my dad asks me where I would like to go eat for dinner. I say well since its cheap burger night at Toots why not there. So I call up my good friend Ben who happens to work there on the weekend to see if he'd like to come along. He does and so My brother my dad and I all eat at Toots. Well Ben was going to have his haircut by the manager after we ate so I asked my dad if I could stay and watch and Ben bring me home later. We went to the back of toots to where the managers office was. I was in there and so was ben and two other managers. I was just talking to them and suddenly saw this sign that read " Hi Im Elvis " on it . I suddenly had the urge to take it . Without thinking of the consequences I slipped it into my pocket. After ben got his hair cut we left and went home. I still had the sign in my pocket with my shirt pulled down over it . I didn't think anything of it till the next day during 6th period. I was in my mentor period putting in grades for a teacher and ben had this awful look on his face. I said whats wrong am I in trouble or something? He said yea big time ! I said what did I do? He said you freakin' stole a sign from toots. I said oh yea. He said Drew they are gonna arrest you and put you in jail. I went to my car and listened to my voicemail it was the manager at toots. She wasn't happy at all. She said there is a warrant out for your arrest and the police will be coming at 3:00pm to arrest you. I had a doctors appointment at 2:45 or so I thought . So I was gonna leave school at 2:00pm and drive home and get the sign. On the way to my car my principal sees me in the parking lot. I had no idea he knew about what was going on. I thought he was just gonna say you need to get to class. Well he called Toots and told them that the police should stay out of it and that I should just do some service hours or something for them. Last Saturday I got a call from the Toots Manager and she said I didn't have to do anything all they wanted was the sign back. It didn't go to well with my parents though. My Punishment was no driving till graduation and no computer till graduation. Only one day since this thing happened did I not drive and I haven't been on the computer except to do work for school and check e-mail. I think all in all I got off lucky like none other.


March 07 2006

I did a stupid thing last tuesday at Toots

Sad Day

February 24 2006

So this morning im getting ready doing my normal stuff. Im listening to the radio and just getting ready for school. The raido says " yesterday there was a fatl accident on 231 involving a bus driver and a car. The driver of the car was killed but nobody on the bus was seriously injured. The driver of the car's name was Danielle Sumrall." WHAT ! I quickly yelled to my dad. I said hey dad didn't Cody from church date Danielle Sumrall. He's like yea why. I said b/c she died in a fatl crash yesterday morning. We were really good friends. Its really sad that she had to go. Im so glad that my friends comoforted me. Alot of teachers even talked with me. I just kept thinking to myself that it goes to show you that you can't ever take lift for granted. But she really is in a better place. An amazing girl who dated aguy at my church for 2/3 years and then got baptized. Sadly they broke up and I thought I'd never see her again. She came even though they broke up and thats what was really amazing to me. She'd sit with his parents. It was pretty cool. I think the last time I saw her was when I had dinner with her at Las Siesta on E. Main ST. It was after church during the summer on Wed. night I think and she asked me if I wanted to go eat somewhere because she was starving. I was spending the nite with my grandparents so I didn't have my car with me it was already at my grandparents house. So we rode in her car. She had an older car. I can't remember what kind though. She later got a new car and I believe thats what she wrecked. I didn't recognize the car. Though you could barley even if you knew the car.

I'm probably gonna leave work early on Sunday so I can go to the Visitation.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Tom Franklin reported Sumrall, who was driving a 1996 Mercury Marquis, rear-ended the bus in dense fog conditions about 7:20 a.m. Both vehicles were traveling southbound on U.S. 231 just north of state Route 82, a four-lane, divided highway that is heavily traveled.


Sumrall was pinned in her car under the rear of the school bus and died before emergency officials could pull her out, according to the Shelbyville Times Gazette. The school bus was en route to Cascade Elementary and Cascade High School.

MTSU beats WKU

February 23 2006

Wow ! What a game it was amazing to say the least !

Kevin Kanaskie

Tim Blue

Marcus Morrison

Theryn Hudson

Bud Howard

Fats Cuyler

Quotes from the game :

" Hey Soul Train how 'bout you sit down."

" Whats a Blue Raider ? (WKU FAN ) Me : I dunno but what the heck is a hilltopper?"

"New Cheer"

"Stop your whining"

I've made a conclusion the only word Soul Train can spell is Tops

Officials: Curtis Shaw, Mike Wood, Larry Ware
Technical fouls: Western Kentucky-None. Middle Tennessee-None.
Attendance: 7097
Score by Periods                1st
Western Kentucky..............   32
Middle Tennessee..............   34

Points in the paint-WKU 4,MT 10. Points off turnovers-WKU 5,MT 1.
2nd chance points-WKU 0,MT 8. Fast break points-WKU 0,MT 0.
Bench points-WKU 4,MT 9. Score tied-6 times. Lead changed-6 times.
Last FG-WKU 2nd-01:03, MT 2nd-02:22.
Largest lead-WKU by 5 1st-10:15, MT by 6 2nd-09:46.

Lets just hope that Fats Cuyler isn't hurt too badly. I hope he can play against FIU Feb. 27 !



Yankees won't win in '06 ! I Guarantee it !

February 22 2006
Steinbrenner predicts title for Yanks

Thrilled with Damon signing, Boss anticipates championship

"It's been a while; we haven't won it," said Steinbrenner, who stopped to speak to TV and radio reporters. "We're going to win it this year. We're going after them this year."


It won't happen I guarantee it !

Reese - Smith Field

February 20 2006

The new baseball stadium at Mtsu is gonna be amazing. I can't wait till she's completed in 2009 !

to First Pitch

3 days
17 hours
59 minutes
13 seconds

Since this weekends baseball games got canceled the countdown has started again !


February 17 2006

Middle Tennessee head baseball coach Steve Peterson announced Friday this weekend's baseball games against IP-Fort Wayne have been canceled due to the forecast of inclement weather for both days.

No makeup date has been set at this time for the games. Forecasts call for temperatures in the mid-to-low 30s with a wintry mix of precipitation.

This sucks ! I was really looking foward to tomorrows games ! Oh well ! Who knows when I will catch the next games. They always play on the weekends and eveybody that knows me I work my butt off on the weekends. So its kinda hard sometimes to make it to the games. I can't wait till they start playing during mid week. That will be fun !


February 16 2006
Hello Friends ! I decided I was gonna go for a little run yesterday. I haven't ran in like forever. I ran 5.6 miles and felt amazing. I got back to the house and thats when it hit me that I went way too far. I had to freaking lay down in the shower because I didn't have enough energy to stand up. Then my dad wanted me to help move some stuff because we are putting hard wood floor throughout out entire house. Yea its cool. But I just didn't have the energy. I almost killed myself. Another bad mistake I did was not drink water for like an hour and a half later. I did have me like 10 grapes though. At True North man I wasn't feeling my best at all. But I drank some water and I felt alot better. Anyone wanna go run with me today? It suppose to be a high of 70 today !

Countdown Time

February 14 2006
47 more days till Braves Regular season begins 

No Snow Day for MTCS

February 13 2006
Well we didn't get out of School. All School around us got out except us. Its ok though it was a fun day all in all. I can't wait till tomorrow. Free Day with Valentines Day !


February 13 2006
If we don't get out of school today and Murfreesboro City and Rutherford County are both out. I dunno what Im gonna do. I guess we will have to delay the birthday part for miss mcknight.

2004 Darwin Award Nominee

February 10 2006
Twenty-four year old Philip was found dead in the bedroom of his trailer home, with burnt remains of a Lava Lamp strewn over his kitchen. Puzzled investigators eventually pieced together a likely scenario for Philip's last moments.

Lava lamps are a mesmerizing distraction. Philip couldn't wait to fire up his new Lava Lamp. He plugged it in and waited for the pretty globs to begin their surreal dance. But after several frustrating minutes, nothing happened. Then a bright idea hit him: "Why not accelerate this painfully slow process?" He took the lamp to the kitchen, placed it on the stove, and turned up the heat.

In short order, the wax melted and began its sinuous dance. But the liquid was designed to be warmed by a 40-watt bulb. It was over-heated. Entranced by the display, Philip forgot that "heat expands". Whereas there was no room for expansion in the glass bottle, the Lava Lamp resorted to a violent explosion to relieve the pressure.*

One thick shard of glass blew straight through Philips's chest and into his heart. Philip stumbled into his bedroom, perhaps uttering "Aeternum vale!" (latin: farewell forever) as he collapsed and died.

Police found no evidence of alcohol or drug use, so it is safely presumed that Philip was in full possession of his senses when he went out with a bang.

* Why the instructions warn NEVER to place the lamp directly on a heat source, such as a stove.

Braves Spring Training quick hits

February 08 2006

2005 record
90-72, National League East champs

Projected batting order
1. 2B Marcus Giles:
  .291 BA, 15 HR, 63 RBIs in 2005
2. SS Edgar Renteria:
  .276 BA, 8 HR, 70 RBIs in 2005
3. 3B Chipper Jones:
  .296 BA, 21 HR, 72 RBIs in 2005
4. CF Andruw Jones:
  .263 BA, 51 HR, 128 RBIs in 2005
5. 1B Adam LaRoche:
  .259 BA, 20 HR, 78 RBIs in 2005
6. RF Jeff Francoeur:
  .300 BA, 14 HR, 45 RBIs in 2005
7. C Brian McCann:
  .278 BA, 5 HR, 23 RBIs in 2005
8. LF Ryan Langerhans:
  .267 BA, 8 HR, 42 RBIs in 2005

Projected rotation
1. John Smoltz, 14-7, 3.06 ERA in 2005
2. Tim Hudson, 14-9, 3.52 ERA in 2005
3. John Thomson, 4-6, 4.47 ERA in 2005
4. Horacio Ramirez, 11-9, 4.63 ERA in 2005
5. Jorge Sosa, 13-3, 2.55 ERA in 2005
Kyle Davies, 7-6, 4.93 ERA in 2005

Projected bullpen
Closer: Chris Reitsma, 15 saves, 3.93 ERA in 2005
RH setup man: Blaine Boyer, 3.11 ERA in 2005
LH setup man: Macay McBride, 5.79 ERA in 2005

The new guys
Renteria: Acquired in a December trade with the Red Sox, the veteran shortstop should be a suitable replacement for Rafael Furcal. He struggled last year in Boston, but he's a legitimate All-Star who can provide spark at the top of the lineup.

Oscar Villarreal, RHP: Acquired in a December trade with the Diamondbacks, the 24-year-old right-hander has a chance to be a valuable reliever. He's got a live arm that, because of injury, has been limited to 28 games the past two years. He's impressed in the Mexican Winter League.

Lance Cormier, RHP: Also acquired from the Diamondbacks in the December deal for Johnny Estrada, Cormier was solid at the beginning of last year. His second-half struggles create doubt in regard to his ability to be a reliever on Atlanta's Opening Day roster.

Todd Pratt, C: Signed as a free agent, Pratt brings a wealth of experience. He's spent 13 seasons as a backup catcher in the big leagues, and he should be able to help in the development of starting catcher Brian McCann.

Brad Baker, RHP: Signed as a Minor League free agent, Baker has an outstanding changeup that could earn him a spot in the Atlanta bullpen. Braves management has compared him to Greg McMichael.

Prospects to watch
Chuck James, LHP: The talented 22-year-old left-hander dominated three different levels in the Minors last year. He's a rising star who should be in Atlanta's rotation by the start of the 2007 season. Manager Bobby Cox loves his aggressive approach against hitters.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C: There might not be a better prospect in all of baseball. The strong 20-year-old catcher has a tremendous arm and a powerful bat. At his current pace, he'll force the Braves to find a spot for him in Atlanta by the start of the 2007 season.

Returning from injury
Boyer: Inflammation around his rotator cuff marred Boyer's September and prevented him from completing a successful rookie season. He appears to be in good health and looks ready to be one of the club's top setup men.

On the rebound
Chipper Jones: When healthy last year, Jones was his usual productive force. This year, he must avoid the injury bug that has severely hindered his production the past two years.

Mike Remlinger, LHP: Signed to a Minor League contract, Remlinger must prove that his shoulder still has something left. He struggled during the second half last year and was released by the Red Sox at the end of August.

Long gone
Furcal: After living up to his enormous potential during the second half of last year, Furcal packed his bags and chased a highly lucrative contract in Los Angeles. His speed, strong arm and range will be hard to replace.

Julio Franco, 1B: Given a two-year deal by the Mets, Franco ended a five-year relationship with the Braves and is now a division rival. Even before the 47-year-old wonder injured his elbow in August, some Braves coaches thought his skills were diminishing.

Estrada: A severe back injury suffered in a June collision prevented Estrada from regaining the All-Star form he showed in 2004. There are some who wonder if he'll be able to regain his full range of motion.

Kyle Farnsworth, RHP: After joining the Braves in late July, Farnsworth continued the success he'd had in Detroit. Before squandering a five-run eighth-inning lead against the Astros in Game 4 of the National League Division Series, he was as dependable as any closer in the game.

Jim Brower, RHP: Late-season struggles caused the Braves to part ways with Brower, whom they picked up in June to provide some stability to their bullpen.

2005 hitting leaders (min. 200 at-bats)
Avg.: Wilson Betemit, .305
OBP: C. Jones, .412
SLG: A. Jones, .575
Runs: Giles, 104
RBIs: A. Jones, 128
Hits: Furcal, 175
2B: Giles, 45
3B: Furcal, 11
HR: A. Jones, 51
SB: Furcal, 46

2005 pitching leaders (min. 30 IP)
IP: Smoltz, 229 2/3
W: Smoltz, Hudson, 14
L: Hudson, Ramirez, 9
Win %: Sosa, 13-3, .813
S: Reitsma, 15
ERA: Sosa, 2.55
K: Smoltz, 169
K/9: John Foster, 8.31
WHIP: Smoltz, 1.15

Triple play: Three questions that need answers

1. Who will begin the season as the Braves' closer?
Reitsma appears to be the early favorite. But during camp, the Braves will take a look at Villarreal and Sosa, who could be valuable in this role or back in the starting rotation. Sosa was impressive while working as a reliever in the Dominican Winter League.

2. What will the Braves do about their logjam in left field?
Cox will take a good look at Matt Diaz before deciding whether to keep him to platoon with Langerhans in left field. For Kelly Johnson to keep his spot in the Majors, he must regain the plate discipline that earned him a call to the show. It would be a surprise if the Braves kept both Langerhans and Johnson, who are both left-handed.

3. Who will be part of the starting rotation on Opening Day?
The Braves will go to camp with six legitimate candidates. Smoltz, Hudson and Ramirez are pretty much assured spots in the rotation to begin the year. There's a slight chance that Thomson could be traded. That would open a spot to allow Sosa and Davies to both be part of the rotation. But Thomson has plenty of value, and the club may choose to move Sosa to the bullpen.

The bottom line
There is a lot of talent on this club, which will be attempting to capture its 15th consecutive division title. To realize this goal, they'll need a dependable closer. But there's reason to believe that even if Reitsma were to falter, the Braves already have enough candidates capable of filling the role. As for the loss of Furcal, it won't be a significant one if Renteria simply proves that last year was a fluke.


February 02 2006

Its about time to kill my Impala. Im so mad at it . The freaking check engline light won't quit coming on. Last Friday I was on the way to admissions to get that taken care of so I can finally get the title in my name and the Check Engine Light came on. This isn't the first time that has happened either. I have took it to the shope 3 times to get them to take it off. I took it once because I had a Gassy smell in my car. It was horrible if I lit a match I might have blowed up. We figured out from the oter place I had a leak or something in my fuel tank causing the check engine light to come on. So we took it to a new person today and he had some kind of special equipment to figure out where the leak is or whatever. I was planning on taking my car straight to admissions right after school. That didn't happen. I have to get a whole new gas tank put in. This stinks. This car may have been alot cheaper than most cars. I wonder if its worth it though. Im hoping I won't have any more problems with her after I get this new gas tank put in.

At school today Lindsay Person left her keys in the hallway. I picked them up and carried them through 1st and 2nd period. At breaktime thats when the fun began. I took her car and drove it to Kingwood Heights across the street.I backed it up on the very first row and then went back to school. Alden told me to go move it to the very back of Kingwood so I did. Of course I backed in and everything. Ya gotta back in if you have the oppurtunity !

Then at lunch time I was just waiting for the oppurtunity to take one of the Girls keys. I saw keys laid beside someone and I thought I got Lindsays again but it was Gallys.Gally chased me like none other down the hall and tried hard to get it back. I got in her car started it up and Josh Hatvey blocked me so I would't move her car. I then walked back into school and acted like Zach had her keys. I walked out the back door and darted towards Gallys car. Josh ran as fast as he could to his car. I started to back up and he blocked me in again. Oh well it was a fun thing. Josh wasn't mad at me and neither was Gally. I asked Gally if she'd be mad at me if I took it. I watched where Gally put her keys when I was walking into 5th period and I took them when I was in 7th. I just felt like taking them that time. I didn't go outside. Stacey took them away from me and put them back where they belonged.

Gally your freaking amazing !

Ben came over and we were "Studying". Yea right we just hung out and talked. ben got him some good ole food to eat and we set my car alarm off and couldn't get it to go off. My dad goes Is that your car going off? I said yea. He said please get it off.


January 27 2006

I have a date to Banquet!!! I'm taking Megan !!! Heck Yea !