July 05 2005
Hey yall. IM just sitting here, chillin. 5 comments. Very nifty. UH...I just got back from MIssissippi. It was pretty cool. I saw War of the Worlds. I agree with Nathan, the ending was abrupt. But I talked to some old people and they said thats how the old one was. So Speilburg didnt do that on his own. Well Im out


♥somewhere in the memories.♥

July 06 2005
lol. thanks. :). err. i don't think imma go and see war of the worlds. just not a huge tom cruise fan. lol. but what ever. its good.

Michael Crowley

July 06 2005
dude i seen that..yeah the ending was pretty gay..i hope im agreein with you seein as though i dont have a clue what abrupt means but its all good..it was the best movie ever

LiKe YoOh NeEd tO kNoW?!?!?!?!?!?!

July 07 2005
Hey Will.....Watcha up to????