June 28 2005
WOw, 10 freinds. KInda good I guess. Well nuttin much has been happenin. Xanga is soo much better than this. U cant have backgrounds or anything on this.....Kinda stupid


Big WIll

Travis Milner

June 29 2005
well u cant have a photobox on xanga and i like this b/c im cool lol

Nathan Moore

June 30 2005
i am trying to keep PhuseBox looking clean and sophisticated, unlike xanga and myspace sites. i don't want to go to another xanga site and have text i cannot read with colors that clash and have music playing over MY iTUNES music that i cannot stop... just some thoughts. i am not trying to "outdo" xanga with all the customizing, i am trying to make a better site.


June 30 2005
go nathan. i have the same problem. i play music whenever i get on the compy and i have to turn it up or off or something and i hate hi-lighting text just to read it. it does have some good things about it, but this is different. i like it. --hey will. sydney *}

Darth Vader

July 01 2005
OOOO will u got TOLD!!!! Right on Nathan!!! and will if u like xanga so much then dont use this to complain about how its not as great.