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May 23 2006

WHY WHY WHY......................................................................... Why is it so impossible!!! Why can we not, no matter how hard we try!!! Why can we never seem to be able to eat 10 saltine crackers in 1 minute withought taking a drink???   *tear*   *sniffle*  Will the day ever come when someone will stand up and proudly proclame " I CAN eat 10 saltine crackers in 1 minute withought taking a drink!!!"??? When and if that day comes, I will salute you. For you have achieved what I and other mere mortals can not...you will have done the impossible...


February 16 2006

After ashleys wonderful entry, I think I should take it one further and ask "who wishes we did not have to wear clothes at all???"

Back in the groove

November 19 2005

Hey, well, I have made it through my jet lag, gotten a job, made half of a scrapbook, spent time with my boyfriend, and registered for my next classes. so in january it's back to school for me!!! I am excited, I have been at MTSU for over a year now! I hope that you will call up to the intern clinic and schedule a massage appointment with me. As soon as I get started I will let you know and will post the number up here so that  you can all come and get a massage from me!!! I hope that you liked my pictures!!!

Ti voglio bene, bacio!!!


Home again...

November 13 2005
Well,...*sigh* I have returned...I am of course very happy to be back in the states, but I have some very intense jet lag to get over before I will feel normal again, it is a way strange feeling this jet lag, and not one that I am very fond of. I don't know what time it is and it feels like time to eat at all the wrong times...whew, it is an odd feeling...but anyway, got to see some of my buddies at church this morning and it was sooo great to see you guys!!! I will post pictures soon of my last backpacking trip that BTW ROCKED!!!  I can't wait to hear from everyone how they are and what is up and please don't forget about me, I would really like to be involved with everyone again, I missed you all, and I will post again soon when I am not so funny feeling!!!

Life is good...

October 21 2005

Well, I hope that you all take a chance and look at my pictures of Naples, and Capri, I had the best time ever and it was the most beautiful place I have ever been!!! I will be leaving again for 3 weeks of backpacking through europe on tuesday, and I then I will be heading back to Tennessee...Not sure how I feel about that, But I miss you all and I am looking foward to seeing everyone!!! Call me when I get home if you are gonna be doing anything fun, I will be pretty much out of the loop for a while, so don't forget about me!!! Kisses!!! PS, check out the castle, I got to explore it from top to bottom and the dungeons were really scarry because there were bones still in there!!!



October 10 2005
Hey everyone, just wanted to say a quick hello! I am having the biggest time,I love Italy and I love my Italian family, I have cryed so many times already just thinking about having to leave my papi Ugo and momma Silvia and my new sister Liz and my Davide and Pietro. in 15 days, My sister is comming to Rome, and then we are off on a faboo trip to Paris!!! I am soooo excited, I am taking her all over, then we will travel Italy from Rome to Ancona, and the surrounding area, to Florence, to Pisa, to Venice then back to Rome, then we fly back to Paris, then we fly to Detroit, then to Nashville, and I will be home again November 11th, just incase someone might have maybe missed me...
Also, If anyone is looking for a roommate, I will prob. want to be moving out around January, and would love to get an appartment with someone else who goes to MTSU.
PS, I have gotten so freakin FAT from all the Italian food, you are gonna be shocked to see me, I tell you I am a heffer!!!
Love you all!!!

All better

October 04 2005
Hey guys sorry for the freak-out, just had a moment!!! All over now, am having the best time!!! I hope to get more comments soon, and will post pictures of my WILD London adventure soon. BTW, I do not recomend booking flights from Luton,London airport that leave before 8am, as the only way to catch your flight is to spend the night at the airport because it is in the middle of nowhere and the public transportation does not happen early enough, and sleeping at the airport is not as fun as one might think(although I did meet some nice new friends)!!! just thought that this might come in handy to know!!!


September 30 2005
Hey guys, just needed to feel loved by my B'oro buddies!!! I am having a hard time of it in london, my friend who I was supposed to meet here is not going to be able to meet up with me till tomorow night, and so I have all day tomorow to be all alone,and while that may sound like lots of fun you know exploring a new city, by yourself it is not the greatest. I don't know where to go or which train to get on, and it is just no fun by yourself...and on top of that I have the flu, and I feel like crap, I am staying in a really cool hostel, but once again it is no fun all alone, it is rather scarry to be honest. I have been crying all day(partly because I haven't slept in 2 days) causeI am SO HOMESICK... I miss YOU!!!


September 29 2005
Hey kiddies!!! just wanted to say Hi and thanks for all the love, I am leaving at 3am on a train to Rome, then am flying to london so YAY, this time tomorow i will be with my friend Josi in london!!! Lots of love and kisses!!! I'll post pictures soon!!!

Buon Giorno!!!

September 21 2005
Hey guys,
Just wanted to say thanks for the very warm welcome!!! Italy is great, and I love it!!! I was driving home yesterday to our, Liz(the other nanny) and mine's, cottage(see photo) and the sea was so angry and rough, it was amazing!!! thanks for the many comments and I loved the slogans, they made me giggle!!!

I'm really excited about tomorow, Ugo, the father(see photo) is taking Liz and I to the grand opening of this really big restaurant, there is a party and it's going to be sooooo much fun, I'm so excited!!! Not much else is happening, I'm going to London next weekend to visit Josi one of the other nannys that I have met since I've been here, and that will be fun!!! So far since I've been here I have been to Rome, Florence, Bologna, Ancona, Numana, Sirolo, Macerata, and a few other places in Italy that I can't think of right now, and Amsterdam! If you read all that then wow you must be bored by now, but bravi, and well done!!

Ciao guys!!!

September 18 2005
ok, so I don't know exactly what's going on in the B'oro, but please let me know, I miss you!!!
Just thought that this was the funniest thing ever so go to
and put your name in the slot, find out what your slogan is(only do it once, it's funnier that way) copy and share with the rest of us!!!

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