I went to bed at 11:57 last night. . .

November 24 2006

Woke up at 4:13.

In the car at 4:30.

At JC Penneys at 4:40

Inside the store at 4:53.

By 9:00 we'd gone to Goody's, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Shoe Carnival, and the dollar store.

the brian king kenobi

November 24 2006
you are insane.


November 24 2006
I agree with Brian. And why did you go to Lane Bryant?


November 24 2006
And you're alive! I'm still shocked.


November 25 2006
Sorry, I didn't mean for that question to sound nosey or rude.

Nathan Moore

November 26 2006
yeah. i agree. insanity. anyone that wakes up that early to fight all the other insane people is clearly insane. Rachael and I discovered that the best time to go Christmas shopping is the Friday evening after Thanksgiving... all the insane people are already home... the stores are virtually empty... all the good deals are gone, but hey, I would rather not push and shove my way through the store just to get a carton of egg nog.