August 05 2005
Me and Meagan just dyed our hair! Mine looks really good and shes drying hers right now so we'll see in jus a few mins....i think it will look good tho! i'll put some pics up in a few days! they will be really funny and look of course...GOOD!!!!

today my Luckey was not feeling good and so mom took her to the vet and they said that she either has leukiema or amiema in dogs and so she has to stay till monday and they have her on IVs and i'm super sad right now...we've had her for 9 years and shes the only dog we've ever had and i love her so could everyone please pray for her right now...we should her something from the doctor in the morning about the tests that they ran on her today....shes only been gone for like 7 hours and i already miss her and shes jus down the street....i love my luckey!!!!