okay, okay.....

September 22 2005
okay, so I've been thinking...as always, what else is new....anyway, yeah, I've been thinking, and I can't help it. I compare myself with every single girl I come across and think "Should I worry?" "She looks better than I do...." and I'm so freaking insecure. Ugh, I hate it. why'd I have to be raised with these Asian ways? They make you think it's horrible to be a girl, you should obey what a man says, and make you think you're ugly and self-conscious. I HATE THIS FEELING!!!! but yeah, needed to vent.....::sigh::

Rachel Chase

September 23 2005
i kno itz impossible to not be insecure about yourself but i'm telling you that you don't have anything to worry about! you are SO gorgeous!

Brett Tenpenny

September 23 2005
Ill tell you what babe, your beautiful. and yeah... the whole asian thing... f*** it. I dont tell you what to do.


September 24 2005
yep best food in world


September 27 2005
hey don't worry about anything. you are so beautiful. well, i am going to go. c ya at school