Loverly days...

October 16 2005

Don't you just love those loverly days, when you feel like all is right in the world?? ::sigh:: Well, I had a loverly day... I went to church with Brett today, and I'm pretty sure he was really tired. He he he, his mommy scolded him for drawing instead of listening to the sermon. Plus, I got to know Rachel a little better, which was really cool. Brett's lucky to have her as a big sis. We talked about him a lot, and how "mature" he's gotten since he and I have been dating, which is a good thing I guess. Anywho, yeah, it was a good day.......Loverly, Loverly, loverly.....

my favorite place is being wrapped up in your arms ....muah!!

Abby Dee

October 16 2005
sounds loverly =P

Virginia Moss

October 17 2005
i'm so excited you have someone like that in your life. ♥ plus, you get along with the family... marrige material!