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siegel high school

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country or rock

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a lot of them

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hate reading

im not sure anymore...

October 11 2005
i need to saysomething and get it out there.

lately i... hav felt like wat i do is never good enough. it just seems like there is always someone standing there ready to knock me down again. please dont feel like i want sympathy this isnt y im doing this. i know this isnt true but it seems that everywhere i go i feel very unwanted. i feel like im not meant to be anywhere. and i dont know y this is. i know i hav friends and family who care about me but i ges that my stubberness is getting to me. idk? all i know is that it sucks to feel this way. i feel like too many people are asking to much of me. i try to put on a good face around other people because... i ges i hate people seeing me like this. me being depressed or wat ever makes the people that im around depressed because i rub off on them. and i hate seeing people like that. im just really confused right now. so if u could just pray for me so that everything works out like god wants it to. and if u could leave me some advice or hints if u will to y i feel like this -forrest

Clint Nadeau

October 13 2005
My Boy Forrest, Due, your flowin' out things I've been through man. I would love to meet up with you some time...get some grub...listen to you and what's going down in your life. Hit me back and let me know- Clint

Amy Roeger

October 14 2005
You are as good as you want to be!!!! Cheer up