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siegel high school

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country or rock

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a lot of them

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hate reading

life i ges

September 22 2005
well hey guys, i think im getting the hng of this thing. i just dont know how to change the background and add music yet. ill figure it out though. well everythings good i ges. school is ok. baseball is going good. there is one girl that i just met and i am really wanting to get to know better. so maybe that will happen. but who knows. well thats it i ges. leave me some. later-forrest


September 22 2005
hey there forrest hope you had a great day today and I don't know when i'll see ya again but i'll see ya when I see ya unless I don't haha wow its late well alrighty bye Abi


September 23 2005
yea yea forrest. everything will work out. there is always a reason for things. so everything will work out. hey, and u should go eat some ice. oooooooooooooooooooo U GOT TRIED!!!!!!!!!!