Hmmmmm. . .

July 06 2005
Well all Ive heard about is this phusebox thing. . .so I figure everyone else is doing it I might as well too!!!!!! Im at work. . .and i bet you think Im bored yeah I am!!!!!! SUPER bored. . .but Im getting paid!!! Today me and crystal are gonna go shopping for our new rooms. . .parents are leaving this weekend. . .party at my house . . .whose bringing the jack? haha . . .so JUST KIDDING!!!! The 4th was a blast. . .We went up to lake for the first time this summer. . .and we had soo much fun tubing and I especially had fun with my cousin on the jet ski. . .that kid is dare devil!!!!! We came close to death. . .nah . .not too close. . .well Im sure your tired of reading about my life soo im out.