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dang..its been a while..

December 10 2005

Hey guys..i havent updated this thing in a while so i thought i would..

Schools good..i <3 Riverdale..I've been grounded for a month..blah lol its SO BORING!!!..Me and Addie went tuesday and got our permits..that was fun :) anyways..i guess im gonna go..ill try and keep this thing updated..

<3 always

*Ashton Lacy*

what time is it?!

September 01 2005

sup homies?

August 24 2005
well..i did it..i survived my first week of half way through the 2nd..i think ill be alright schedule got changed after i finally got the other one this ones easier..annex to a-2 then to a-6 then to b-5 thennnn to the trailer park to p-7 then to c-2..pretty good stuff..shelby just brought her puppy *PoPpY* over..its so cute :) then neighbor..brought out his puppy..*QuPiD* aww so cute :) they played for a while and then we all went inside..pretty sure its really hot out was picture day..ugh..mines gonna look goofy..anyways..just thought i would update

16 doesnt come fast enough..

August 06 2005
geeeeeeeze people are driving me crazy..14 is annoying..16 sounds so good..drivers license :) yessss lol

what a night..

August 03 2005
oh man..tonight was fun..lindsay and me went to church and we hung out with carissa and jessica and stacey and peoples like was great..we talked about how people felt like they have done things so bad that they dont think they could be accepted by god anymore and that was really cool to see how people felt about it...and like how people dont feel compassion for other people and want help with and people that live reckless and dont think about how the things the do affect their relationshop with amazes me to see how close some people are with him and i decided thats how i want to be..and im extremely excited..anyways, i just wanted to tell you about that...


August 01 2005
[x] they call me:Ashton
[x] also: Ash
[x] sex:female duh..
[x] my first breath of air: December 4th
[x] age: 14
[x] occupation: umm..student.
[x] best homegirl[s]: all of them..

[x] most memorable memory: theres alot.
[x] worst?: prolly when my parents did this whole divorce thing..
[x] first word uttered: i got NO idea.
[x] first bestfriend ever!?: patrick and mick..

[x] wedding: in the fall..outside..big wedding with lots of flowers and a big poofy dress.. OH AND A HOTT HUSBAND ;)
[x] children:umm..idk??
[x] looking forward : to school
[x] NOT looking forward to: umm..idk..havin to get up early again..

[x] feeling: BORED!
[x] Listening: grant talkin about some crazy thing he did..or somethin like that
[x] Talking: to scott and grant and lindsay
[x] doing: this survey
[x] craving: double fudge brownie ice cream yumm..
[x] thinking of: how crazy the stuff scott is sayin is..
[x] hating:umm..oo that its not tuesday..i gotta know what happens on real world lol im such a dork :)

[x] love is: fun..until it gets complicated lol
[x] first love: read the question down there..
[x] love or lust?: love
[x] best love song:umm..idk..
[x] is it possible to be in love w/ more than one person @ the same time?: could be..
[x] when love hurts, you: try n get over it..
[x] true or false - all you need is love: could be both..
[x] have you ever been in love?: idk..maybe..idk if i know what love is yet..
[x] is there such thing as love @ first sight?: ya..

[x] turn ons: a great smile.. easy to talk to..sense of humor..
[x] turn offs: when they get majorly the point where its obsessive..and thats not fun
[x] does your parents' opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: not really..i mean i dont want them to hate the guy..but if i like them they can get over it
[x] what kinda hair style?: depends on the guy..

[x] the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you?:lots of things..
[x] are you the type of person to holler n ask for numbers?: oh idk it depends on the guy..
[x] dog or cat: dog
[x] short or long hair: on me long..guys..HOLLISTER MODEL HAIR!! lol
[x] innie or outie: innie
[x] sunshine or rain: SuNsHiNe!!
[x] moon or sun:depends
[x] basketball or football: football
[x] righty or lefty: righty
[x] hugs or kisses: it all just depends lol
[x] tv or radio:radio fer sure..
[x] mc donalds or burger king: mcdonalds
[x] summer or winter: summer
[x] written letters or e-mails: written letters..i


July 31 2005 so excited..its soo close..4 grades of new people :) boys..boys..MORE jp..not really..BUT ANYWAYS, I'm extra scared about it too..I am soo gonna get lost like 38475283750294523452 times..crazy ya..tomorrow i think im gonna try and get my hair cut and highlighted..should i cut it short???anyways, guess I am gonna go..


July 31 2005
shopping :) i love it


July 29 2005
what a retarded day..

oh snap..

July 28 2005
guess what?? now i dont get to go to georgia..i am officially REALLY MAD. geeze..Relient K is stuck in my head...Be My Escape..woot woot...thats the stuff..anyways...I guess I'm gonna go..LaTeR PiMpS..


July 27 2005
geeze..summer is kinda boring ya know? anyways, i went to church tonight and that was ExTrA fun..we finished up our napoleon dynamite was TATER TOT NIGHT! woop woop! So, that was fun and junk..and then I came home and now I'm watching shhhh cuz its back on..


July 23 2005
wow..this week has been interesting..lets leave it at that lol I had lots of fun with amber and josh and tyler and wesley..yall are crazy..anyways, I hit the pool today and that was cool..hope your summer is goin good :) don't get to crazy...


July 19 2005


July 15 2005
im startin over..i dont like that picture and i dont know how to change it..dang it..


July 14 2005
UGH THAT PICTURE!! aj put it on tryin to change it..i dont skateboard..why did u pick that aj?

its..oh yea its wednesday!!

July 13 2005
Well, last night was fun. I spent the night at LiNdSaYs (what a gangsta!) That was tons of fun..but I'm extra tired..Today we got RiVeRdAlE! GO WARRIORS! woot woot lol Anyways..I made this thing last night..I don't know what I'm doing but oh well..