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November 22, 2011

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When I see pictures of me taken one year ago, I am always amazed at how young I look. Other people have commented simmilarily, and I have observed the same in others.

When I look back over my previous posts here on PhuseBox, I thought the same exact thing, "Wow! Who is this kid that bothers himself with things that don't matter, is tossed in every direction by waves of emotion and passing life, and lacks a maturity of which he thought he had more?"

My, how things have changed over the past year. Facets of life that seemed so important were not. Challenges jousted as worthy adversaries in the valient journey of the living turned out to be trivial in magnitude.

I would be lying if I said I looked back and saw a rock. It kinda makes me wonder what I will be saying about myself one year from now. Will I sit and chuckle as I do now and think, "Did I know this kid, lacking maturity, ill-prepared for the grown-up life?"

Who knows? I suppose it's all a necessary part of the expedition set before us. Would I go back and repeat the last year if given the opportunity? Not a chance. Despite what appears to be a precarious and awkward kid, I would not be who I am today without what I've passed through and hopefully learned valuable lessons from.
August 22, 2006

ah... yes... this whole "working out your salvation" thing comes into perspective... i can relate, because i do the same thing... i look back to 3 months ago and say "who was that?"
August 22, 2006
Jeana Lewis said

I'm 43 and I'm still looking back and rolling my eyes about a lot of things I thought were important a year ago, a week ago, an hour ago... When does "grown up" happen?
August 24, 2006
Joy Fanguy said

just for the record...i feel the same way about myself. i was actually laying in bed last night thinking about where i was a year ago and how i never imagined i would be where i am doing what i'm doing right now. and that makes me even more excited about where i'll be in another year.... by the way, i really miss you. you are going to be on the list of people i call when i get home sunday night to tell "hey i'm home let's go out." so be ready. i want you there. i love you. ~joy
September 28, 2006
Amy said

Nope, 27th. Though my mom's is actually on the 29th!
September 28, 2006
Amy said

Oh yeah, and happy birthday once again.

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