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December 08, 2006

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whats the point???

soooo today was the 1st day of classes for me!!!
wow!!! im gonna be struggling this semester!!! im gonna have to study and not be lazy! lol!!

yeah soo i dont see the point of me being in school....i dont know what i want to do and the only class i want to take i cant...bc i cant change my work schedule!!! soo why am i there??? i dunno!!! maybe GOd will show me!

im off!

Love Through Christ!

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 im done......
soo im putting my Heart back its it protective stage!!

Love Through Christ!
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Curve Ball

when God throws a curveball, don't duck, you may just miss something!!!

he just did that! its amazing how all of a sudden you dont know anything about your future then he shows you something....

is it okay to be scared????.....

Love Through Christ!
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Lose Yourself

soo im doing better....i just needed to talk about what was wrong!!!!
thanks for all the amazing coments!!!!

God really has been teaching me a lot! its kinda crazy amazing! ya know!

school starts excited i want to go back but then i dont want to go all!!!

well im hungry, and sleepy adios!

Love Through Christ!!!

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well today.....

soo im missing Patrick Popes amazing hugs!!!! :(

thank you Justin and Patrick for the comments..i miss you guys!!!

today was okay....ending not soo good!!! hopefully tonight will be better sleeping!!!

looking for a new job!!!

keep Hollys neighbors in your prayers!!!

got a new book! soo im out!

Love Through Christ!

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