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mike sanders

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March 05, 2006

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well i play guitar in a band called When Never Ends, i love to watch movies (Movie buff), i love the out doors, and i like to drive to random places if i have the gas to do so (yeah i like to drive alittle to much) and most inportant thing of all if my father god, lord a savior. with out him i would be lost .


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80's Hair Metal, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz


Any movie im a movie buff


i dont like to read that much

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this time its for real

tonight was about the truth. plain and blunt, it was put in front me, and it was a last chance to fix things in my life and i did so. so tonight i had a guy named andy open my eyes to the real world. not the real world we live in but the one i live in, and how i was about to fall and not get back up. so i had to amke a stand tonight in my car after crying for 10 mins in fear of what could happen to me. then i did it i fought a demon, yes that what i said a DEMON. there real just as real as i am writing this at 2:50am. anyways as i was saying. i just made a simple prayer asking for god to lead me with the right weapons to fight with, as well for my sheld to protect myself with. i have be liveing my life as a lie untill tonight, well not really a lie but more or less i have been just live a simple easy way out christain life. you know the life to where you just believe enought that you call yourself a believer. well thats changed and now in 100,000% believer and this goes out to god ,my father in heaven, my king of kings and lord of lords,this goes out to the holy spirt for the people he used tonight and to day for me to open my eyes and come to him. thank for the top to the bottom of my heart.

mike sanders

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Hello Phuse Box

so...this is my first blog writing on phuse box. lets see what is there to talk about? oh i now how about yesterday. well as most of you guys know yesterday was valentine's day,and it was about the most crapiest day i have had in a while, first off i got stood up and that just blows. then drove around town all night,sounds lik fun....not really. so thats how my valentine's day went. today i just sat around at music world and play guitars for a while then some drums  but today might be better on tonight i hope but well have to see.

mike -sanders

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