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April 18, 2007

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soccer, camping, the lake, movies, long walks on the beach, california, NYC, church




there are too many to count! all chick flicks and other action movies and the only scary movie i like is the interpreter :-]


all Nickolous Sparks books and some others

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Hey! All this snow makes me want to go back to the best state in the world......COLORADO.

SO these are the Rocky Mountians that i love to ski on!!

Just some of God's beautiful creations on earth that you can find in Colorado.

This is going to be my very cool big log cabin in Colorado.

This is one of the many ski slopes that you can go up the mountian and ski on!!

This is me (not really) skiing!

Me getting some BIG AIR on the snowboard!!!

Another fun event that you can do in Colorado is tubing!!!

Look how fun that is!!! Tubing!!! That looks amazing!

Now For THE SEASON CHANGE...............

The beautiful Colorado in the Spring!



February 13, 2006
Garrett Haynes said

lol u make me laugh so hard....Me getting big air! That definately looks like you on that snowboard But those are some great pics. The tubing looks incredible! It makes me wanna go to colorado and learn to snowboard! Anyway, enjoy the snow day and I will see u probably later on today! ~Garrett
February 13, 2006
Michael Border-Line Pronounceable said

Sorry, mere, but I think Texas and Colorado are tied for first
February 13, 2006
kaitlin gay said

ahhh.. i love you! that is quite funny, maybe the two red heads should take a road trip to colorado?! ooooooooohhh... =)
February 13, 2006
kristen teeters said

wow i think u should be like a travel agent or like a tour guide or something for colorado! lol u would so love montana and north and south dakota its gorgeous there! well have fun on ur day off! see u tomorrow! bye girl!
February 13, 2006
Garrett Haynes said

haahaha...well if u insist, then i will change the picture. But don't worry, u look gorgious. And'll def. have to teach me some of ur mad snowboarding skills. You look like u got alot of air on that jump from that picture up there hahaha. ~Garrett
February 15, 2006
Ben said

hey, thanks for the comment, that is seriously an AMEN SISTER. i guess it just really opens our eyes to things. but stay strong. only in christ, and i will cya tomorrow at school.
February 18, 2006

Hey girl I love you and am so glad you could spend the night with me. Is your name vise because youre everywhere I wanta be muah lol Abi
February 24, 2006
Garrett Haynes said

Yeah I missed talkin to u in spanish yesterday! But I didn't miss spanish lol. Well, I am officiallys sick with something which stinks really bad b/c I need to get better before one weekend! Pray for me please so I can get better! See you tonight. ~Garrett
February 26, 2006
Garrett Haynes said

This weekend was so much fun! I hope u had as much fun as I did. Well thanks so much for prayin for me to get better b/c I feel like 999999 times better than I did. Only 2 more weeks til formal!!!!!!!!! I am praying for u. Be blessed. - Garrett

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