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December 28, 2007

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Lovin Jesus, Proclaiming Hope for a lost and dying world, Music, Learning how to better follow my Lord and Savior, Playing my "guitfiddle", writing about random things making them sound country, mexican food, just food in general, live music, traveling, random fun, fireworks, big fires, anything adventerous,


Anything I can worship with, Nickel Creek, Brad Paisley, The King - George Strait, Keith Urban, John Rich, Josh Turner, Matt Wertz, Andy Davis, Dave Barnes, Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Chris Rice, Tim Hughes, Joss Stone, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Dierks Bentley, Hillsong United, John Mayer, Mute Math, Rascal Flatts, Shawn McDonald, I love Piano, Grits, All American Rejects, Johnny Cash


Armageddon, A Beautiful Mind, Orange County, Batman, The Notebook, StarWars, LOTR, Anchor Man, Mean Girls, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, ... many more


The Barbarian Way, Uprising (McManus), Searching for God Knows What, Blue Like Jazz, Through Painted Deserts (Miller), Desiring God, Don't Waste Your Life (Piper), I Am Not But I Know I AM (Giglio), Wild at Heart (Eldridge) Best Question Ever (Stanley)

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and i ponder the question

We were having supper with some friends the other night and I happen to make a comment that stuck with me. I said "I'm gonna go sit infront of the ocean and talk to God for a while"

I sat on the bench below.

My question is now this... HOW can someone sit infront of the ocean and not talk to God?

He told this wave below where it had to stop. This wave is big and powerful, trust me, I was under it. But my God, who dwells in me, who intentionally tortured his son on MY behalf... looked at it and said "This far you may come, and no farther" [reference: Job 38]

Holy Holy Holy

Lord, God Almighty

All thy works

Shall claim thy name

In earth and sky and sea

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So I'm finally flying over to spend the weekend with my boys Hodge and Jeff... That poor island doesn't know whats about to hit when the 3 of us get togther.... haha, it's gonna be awesome!

You may here stories on the news!

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So I rode a motorcycle up the north shore of Hawaii today... it was awesome, pics to come soon!

My brothers and sisters, I ride on your prayers

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One thing, thats all... Another Question

If you could say one thing to an apathetic christian, what would it be?

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So, I have a question.

As most of you are fast asleep on the east coast of our beloved United States I lay on my twin mattress in the middle of the pacific ocean where it is curently 930 with a burning question on my heart.

We've become good at this whole "church language" thing, you and I. We walk this life in the midst of our Christian culture listening to our "christian music" and what not, often spouting weighty phrases with shallow intent.

So, here is my question. What is your answer?

What does it mean for God to be the "consuming fire" in our lives?

We say this phrase and sing this phrase all the time, but what does it mean?


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