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June 05, 2006

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isn't it amazing how the world works in cliques.  even beyond our high school.  if you join a fraternity or sorority in college, you are forever in a clique, though that is not always bad.  the problem begins when that mindset leaks into the other aspects of your life. 

we separate ourselves in cliques according to our favorite teams (college and/or pro).  sometimes these get very heated.  we separate ourselves by what school we went to. 

anybody who knows baseball, knows about the Yankee/Red Sox feud as well as others, but right now, you will see the best players in MLB coming together to play for the U.S. team in the World Championship with team spirit and without spite.

why can't we be the same way in our own church walls?  why do some people come to church and, because of their age, sex, grade, school, or whatever, not be talked to or disrespected when talked to?  we are all one body and we are all of the same vine. 

talk is cheap, though.  and lip-service does nothing.  no doubt, we are all guilty, but let us encourage one another and spur one another on.

March 07, 2006
Amy said

I've always thought of fraternities and sororities as organized cliques...
March 07, 2006
Ben Moser said

i agree was good to see you when you came down.

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